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Witch Craft Works – 7

Kagari’s intentions for hiding Medusa (and the other jobber witches) have finally been revealed, although I suspect many of us had already guessed as to why that is.

In order to keep their mouths shut about the release of the white witch (which would subsequently send Kazane after their asses, daughter or not), Kagari figures the best way to keep watch on them is to have them in her sights. In their house. Yikes. Medusa is surprisingly diplomatic about the whole “losing” thing and decides to follow through with her wishes, given their aims coincide.

It was amusing to watch the jobber witches wait for Kagari to fall asleep only to be sorely disappointed that she never sleeps.

It isn’t long before Kagari’s intentions to hide Takamiya from her mother and her fellow work shop witches is laid bare when the other witches try to apprehend Takamiya. Openly defying her mother, she fuses with Medusa and attempts to subdue her mother with little success; for the first time ever, Kagari gets her ass kicked. They awaken in a punishment chamber that looks as though it jumped out from Virtue’s Last Reward. Damn. What kind of lady is Kazane?

The lines between good and evil are further blurred (Or maybe the show is mocking itself?) as we see Kazane playing what appears to be chess with the semi-competent, significantly more frightening witch who works with the alligator guy. We also find out that Kazane released the jobber witches. I know they’re not much of a threat but aren’t they enemies? It’s almost like it’s their job or they are playing a game where they punch in and out everyday, but there are no hard feelings. Perhaps this is just the tone of the show and it doesn’t give a shit.

It was still a great episode. Incoming drama between Kagari and her mother.

No, you shouldn’t be playing Pokemon this way

Pokemon has been played in many ways over the years. Some people do low level challenges. Other do nuzlocke runs. Some people go through the game only using fury swipes (do people actually do this? (they probably do (ok, I’m not sure!))). But twitch plays the game through you.


No, I’m not trying to be deep. You play the game. How, you ask? Type in anything you’d like the hero to do in the chatbox. Through this method we have gotten such deep and profound names such as AAJST(???? and aaabaaajss and such blazing TAS-like gameplay speeds, like getting to the top of pokemon tower in 7 hours.

Ok, that’s not the reason you should be watching this. If this drawn out scenario doesn’t have you convinced this is hilarious then I doubt I could do much for you other than send you straight to the source. It’s worth checking out. You’ll end up looking at the helix fossil for an unhealthy amount of time, but it’s still worth checking out.

View the stream here!

Saki – Zenkoku-hen 1

Yeah, that’s right. The time has finally come.

Kiyosumi is finally going to the nationals. And this time, they play for keeps.

Saki is convinced to find her sister, Nadoka is convinced to see things through in the nationals with Saki, Hisa has her dream of winning the nationals with her friends in arms reach, Mako has helped Hisa achieve that goal, and Yuuki is just, er, Yuuki. Henceforth she will be referred to as Tacos.

Episode 1 convinced me we’re in for quite the ride. Rather than focusing on the mahjong battles of dragonball z proportions that we are familiar with, zenkoku-hen gently sowed the seeds for further conflict, showing us our new cast (and having us reconcile with some old ones. I miss you Toki!)

Particularly unsettling was the characterization of the Achiga girl’s school who we have become intimately familiar with thanks to Saki’s previous installment. Usually portrayed as the adrenaline-happy-go-lucky undisciplined girl’s school, we are given a stark contrast where they are seen as both intimidating and in the case of our friend Shizuno, oppressively intimidating. You may recall this scene occurred in Achiga-hen right as the girls arrived at Nationals, where the situation was reversed portraying Saki as the monster. In truth, she was just looking for the bathroom. Absolutely hilarious.

I’d also like to point out how it’s nice the better characters from the first season won’t be going away just because they’re defeated. Mihoko has especially grown on me. Hope she takes individuals! Oh wait, Teru plays individuals. Rip Mihoko.



Blazblue : Chrono Phantasma – Balance Patch Inbound!

So I like Blazblue.

Ok, I like Blazblue a whole lot.

Ok, I have sold my wallet to Blazblue. Everytime the series comes out with a much anticipated revision, I salivate waiting for it. Ever since getting into calamity trigger one unexpected winter night, I’ve been hooked. I’ve gone from absolutely horrible to mediocre to surprisingly competent, and I’ve followed my mains the whole way there right from the beginning. The other reason I’m so loyal to the series is because of Nu-13. I love Nu’s playstyle, there is not a single character that is more unique to the fighting game genre than her. That’s a story for another day, however.

I’m sure everyone is most familiar that the game itself is getting it’s North American launch this coming March. Aksys games has confirmed that we’ll also be getting the balance patch in May just like everyone else. Yay!

For a full list of changes, you can view them by clicking here.

Bravely Default – First Impressions

No doubt everyone who owns a 3ds has heard about this game at this point. Touted to be a return to square’s claim to fame class system in addition to the classic ‘protect the crystals’ bit from all FF’s prior to 6 and a heavily stylized art style and massive marketing push, it promises much. Riding on the coattails of it’s predecessor Four Heros of light for the DS, the game rarely takes a moment for a breather. Designed by the heralds who have brought us such greats as 3D dot game heroes, Silicon studio strikes in full force, guns blazing style on the 3ds. And judging from my first 10 hours with the game, it delivers in full.

The intro shows us a desperate situation with vague context (par for the course nowadays, honestly) where the only thing I can remember at this time that happens is that primary character Tiz’s hometown Norende is swallowed up by a great abyss. Tiz desperately tries to save the boy that was next to him but his strength gives out and the boy falls to his unknown doom. I thought for the longest time this kid was his brother but he’s never mentioned again. Yup. I take it he wasn’t really that important? Well, whatever!

A random battle!It isn’t long before our hero meets the Agnès, the vestal of the wind crystal. Agnès has lived in solitude for much of her life with several other acolytes in order to properly do her duty and protect the crystal of the wind. Imbalance has struck and now she has to adventure out to right was has been wronged. Agnès has witnessed the wind crystal overtaken by darkness and knows there is much for her to do. Despite telling Tiz to “butt out” several times, he is insistent on doing something about the “wrongs” of nature against the crystal and help her, all the while while rebuilding his hometown Norende.

Now here is a bit of an interesting element: you actually DO rebuild Norende yourself. Through the use of the touchscreen (and several streetpasses, hopefully) you can assign your villagers to uncover and build several weapons/armor/item shops for your own use throughout the game. Norende exists in some temporal spacial realm that doesn’t allow you to visit it but somehow all of the items you earn the privledge to buy get transported to the mysterious red merchant that saves your game for you in the middle of dungeons. Hey whatever right?

Good luck with this bastard. But enough about the story. Uncommon in an RPG, the combat is the draw for many and gains much of its individuality in the addition of two commands: “Default” and “Brave”. Default is an action that has effects we are familiar with; it’s essentially a defend command that allows us to increment our “How many times can I move in a turn” meter to 2. Yes, that means that next turn, you can attack twice if you choose. If you choose to do so, it is considered a “Brave”; you can stack up to four of these to attack four times in a turn. It’s worth noting that you do not need to store up BP by defaulting in order to Brave; you can just Brave in the beginning of a battle right off the bat. Ensure that you terminate your enemy should you choose to do so, as otherwise you will spend four turns getting your ass kicked into next Tuesday.

It’s refreshing to have a relatively uncomplicated battle system that’s familiar and successfully merges a seemingly inoffensive but totally game changing game mechanic.

I’ve only just finished the first chapter and I can say the game is relatively grindy and to be honest, I’ve found the game challenging. Mashing “attack” during any random battle is usually a quick ticket to the title screen. Message boards are filled with people chiding that the game is “too easy” so maybe I just suck, but hey, there’s what I think about that.

Give it a shot. It’s definitely got promise and it’s loads of fun. Good luck finding the collector’s edition now, though!