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Senki Zesshō Symphogear GX – 12 – 13 (END)

Good end.

What could have been the weakest entry in the Symphogear franchise yet ended up being a bit stronger than the weakest link thanks to the presence of Dr. Ver, who kept things hilarious and unpredictable enough for me to recant my initial thoughts. Ver ended up actually being the hero he wanted to be, providing support for Maria’s group to destroy the Chateau all the way up to his unfortunate demise. What a strange thing to say, because I thought he was a detestable individual beyond redemption prior to his actions in this series.

Carol and Hibiki essentially go back and forth on who can power up more ridiculously until eventually Carol is overwhelmed, after Hibiki and the others release all safeties on the ignite module. Carol reveals that miracles are the very thing that caused her father’s death, and seeks to see them all destroyed, including those that Hibiki is drawing strength from.

Carol of course realizes that she twisted her father’s intentions like the moron she is and comes to her sense, albeit a bit too late. Hibiki saves her anyway. Despite being unable to be found (and Elfnein’s condition growing worse) she eventually turns up with no memories and refuses with Elfnein. My question is: who becomes the dominant personality? Elfnein or Carol? It would seem the former is the case if the final scene in the control room is any indication at all.

Hibiki also reunites her father and mother in a touching scene, where her mother was reluctant to let her previous husband back into her life. Who could blame her? Personally, I think Hibiki’s dad is a cowardly douche. Ok, he did redeem himself somewhat, but his previous actions left a sour taste in my mouth. Where does Hibiki draw upon that inner strength that she has from? Certainly didn’t come from her father!

Symphogear GX definitely was trying to draw a correlation between our fathers, mothers, and family’s effect on our daily lives and motivations. Sometimes in the case of Carol, our family is our motivation, but as you can see that can be something entirely different depending on what you make of it; compare Hibiki’s desire to protect to Carol’s twisting of her father’s intentions, and this becomes obvious. Tsubasa’s love for her father gave her the power she needed to defeat the autoscorers, and Maria, Kirika, and Shirabe’s encounter with the “phantom” Nastassja was definitely attempting to evoke the same symbolism. It’s not extremely profound, but its cute and meaningful enough. Thanks Symphogear!

Season 4 is already happening, by the way. I hope the subtitle is something equally dramatic like “A robot arm burning in my oven, a galaxy filled with twix bars, I used the monkey bars at the jungle gym (they were green monkey bars (it was at the playground (I don’t know where the gym is)))……”

Senki Zesshō Symphogear GX – 9 – 11

Fuck Carol.

I actually debated having this blog post just be those two words, I am not even kidding. I figured I shouldn’t be a tremendous douchebag though so you’re going to get a real blog post.

Also Dr. Ver is back. I mean it when I said I laughed, out loud, loudly when he returned. His return is as unexpected and fucking hilarious as a dead character who has no relevance anymore appearing again after 2 seasons. About the same impact. This fucking wacko was probably the best villain in the symphogear universe – utterly despicable, no redeeming qualities at all, and you just want to hate him so much.

The overall theme of GX is finally hitting us over the head (rather than the subtle references we had before) – your relationship with your father is important, and so is family. Tsubasa has daddy problems that she gets over or discovers that she misunderstood (and her dad is a lot cooler than Hibiki’s POS father anyway). Hibiki also has major daddy issues that having been rearing their head since the first episode, with the only problem that Hibiki is right and her dad is a fucking douchebag. For what it’s worth, he redeems himself after looking like an embarassingly cowardly idiot.

I’d like to congratulate Chris on being the only symphogear user to not horribly job, as she took out one of the top two autoscorers not once, but twice. She also did this unassisted, without Kirika or Shirabe’s help. I was getting sick of seeing the heroes with daddy issues looking horribly incompetent so Chris thankfully restored my faith and re-assured her status as best girl in this show.

All the autoscorers are done, but Carol isn’t finished. She’s summoned her giant ass sky castle and is using it to increase her phonic gain in her symphogear form. Hibiki suggests using their combination attack, but Tsubasa shoots it down because…why does she shoot it down? No real reason other than “The plot won’t let us! She has plot armor for the next two episodes!” The two gear users split into two groups of three – the original 3 symphogear users and “Team Maria.”

I really wanted Ver to kill Carol rather than the other way around – he’s a better villain; Carol is a single-minded moron who doesn’t have a grand vision with stupid motivations. Ver isn’t dead though, nobody ever dies by falling down a huge pit in anime. Sometimes they get blown up and torn to shreds and still find a way to get better.

Senki Zesshō Symphogear GX – 6 – 8

Symphogear trudges ever on!

And it would seem we’re having our “Ocean palace” event – that is, the most climactic and often most tumultuous act in a series, save the final rising climax itself. Carol is up against Chris and Tsubasa, and it would seem that she’s going all out – she even possesses a form similar to those of the Neptune series; that is, the ability to draw out her latent power in an adult physique. Anime, everyone.

Hibiki of course joins up with Chris and Tsubasa and subdues Carol. But she gets away, right? This can’t possibly be her end, right? looks like it is in fact, her end. She suicides, but not before taunting Hibiki about her memories, the same memory flash that caused her mental anguish only a few episodes. The truth of the matter is that her father is the source of some tension within her family.

Oh, Galie and Micha are dead. Thank god, fuck both of them, they were the most irritating of the auto-scorers. At least the remaining members are sufficiently intimidating and it isn’t completely unfounded.

I’m really getting sick of seeing the symphogear users look like bumbling morons when we know they’re capable of more – Maria uses her berserk mode but even without it gets jobbed hard. Shirabe and Kirika look like idiots before finally getting their act together and realizing that they have to coordinate. Hibiki lets her father’s sudden appearance and willingness to “make amends” cause her to lose focus in the midst of battle. My god, do you guys see Chris or Tsubasa having these problems? Like, how much more often are you going to let yourself lose focus, lose horribly, and look like a complete dolt. Don’t you ever get sick of it? This is your third season guys, get your fucking act together!

I don’t know if the autoscorers are just this powerful or not but even two symphogear users (Shirabe and Kirika) taking advantage of the Ignite module have difficulty with even one of the autoscorers. Lord. Are they just that strong?

I must admit, the writers conveyed the idea well that Hibiki’s dad is a jackass – even I wanted to punch this bastard. What a douche. It’s difficult to tell if he really is trying his best to make amends and just comes off as a douche or is actually just a complete jackass who is superficially ‘trying to reconnect with his daughter’. Not enough information and I’m not interested in spitballing that one – if you want to reach your hand deep into the anime cliches bag, be my guest!

Senki Zesshō Symphogear GX – 2 – 5

I’m back from the dead, married, and have more shitty opinions on shitty anime than ever. Yes, that’s right, I’ve returned to do battle with the 2d plane once again. Let’s fucking do this.

Hibiki’s opponent is not even a pawn, but rather the ringleader of the new ring of antagonists dubbed the “Autoscorers.” Haha, I get it, because music, and they generate Noise, maximum kek. This is part of the thereby dubbed “Symphogear cycle”, however – cocky, highly arrogant group of bad guys appears (always with roughly the same number of bad guys as number of good guys) who attempt to keikkaku-doori their way through every obstacle and challenge, usually with positive results until the endgame where they get humbled. Ok, so that was generic enough that it could apply to most shonen anime, but whatever.

What is the autoscorer’s motive? The only clear goal at this juncture they’ve shown us is their willingness to destroy the artifacts that house the symphogear weapons. They meet Elfnein, who is on the run from the Autoscorers. From Elfnein, an artificial being, they learn the truth behind Carol’s motives. Hibiki also loses her motivation to fight the Autoscorers because of a familiar anime protagonist plague, i.e. “I can’t use my power to hurt anybody! Not even ‘da bad guys'”. This doubt in her soul requires Maria to step in and take action, even without a LINKER of her own.

We were also introduced to one of the autoscorers; a cocky, blue dressed doll girl named Galie, who I cannot wait to see die.

Oh, right, and everyone except Hibiki has lost their symphogear armor. Apparently the alca-noise have the ability to destroy them (in addition, the autoscorers have been wisely targeting their relics). Why in the seven hells has no previous villain ever attempted this? If it’s really as easy as taking a drill from home depot to destroy a symphogear relic then hell, I could even beat them.

Hibiki soon loses her symphogear relic, Gungnir, to an autoscorer who is equally annoying to Galie named Micha. Project Ignite is launched by the united forces in order to combat the autoscorers, giving Chris and Tsubasa new symphogears in the process.

Hibiki seems to have flashes seemingly of her father before she passes out. I wonder if the anime will just toss this by the wayside or expound upon it? Who can say. Oh, Shirabe and Kirika’s relics were both destroyed as well, but it’s all good, they’ll get it back.

Just wanted to say that the episode title for the fifth episode might be one of the best I’ve ever seen. “Edge Works.”

Edge Works indeed.

God Eater – 1

Hope you like twitch, because God Eater has more twitch than a Russian AMV editor using mindless self indulgence.

God Eater is an anime made by Ufotable based on a game of the same name (Although in north america, only the “burst” edition was localized). While having received a recent entry to the Vita two years ago, we are only now seeing an anime adaptation to the widely popular franchise. If you don’t think you know what this series is, I’m sure if I were to show you a picture of Alisa you’d say “oh, I have seen this after all.”

The show introduces Lenka Utsugi, our protag, who is quiet but seems to possess a fair deal of drive and a particular distaste for the amagami (the ‘monsters’ of this universe). Nobody can blame him really – they destroy and kill with reckless abandon. Lenka has shown to us that he values and protects human life more than he seeks to destroy the amagami. Despite being respectful, he ends up doing something rash when Fenrir is attacked by disregarding orders and dispatching. Thankfully, he is saved by Lindow, Sakuya, and my personal favorite for some time now, Soma. Man, Soma is so cool. I almost cosplayed this guy a few years ago.

Lenka and his fellow comrades are all known as “God Eaters”, dedicated to exterminating the force of amagami in the world. Lenka is frequently referred to as a “new type” in the episode – the brief amount of the game I’ve played tells me that they are referring to his weapon’s ability to switch between blade and gun form. This would also explain Skauya’s surprise that he shot the shit out the amagami near the end of the episode – the rest of the first squadron is using old types that lack such an ability.

As expected of Ufotable, the animation is beautiful. I feel as though they are right at home animating scenes that take place in dark, decrepit city settings for some reason – must be all that color correction. While the twitch is annoying sometimes, people that are complaining about it are probably not familiar with the series’ origin – that aethetic was everywhere in God Eater Burst’s game opening.

Interested in seeing what I’m talking about? Take a look here and make note of the visual cues/similarities to the aethetic presented in the anime.

Senki Zesshō Symphogear GX – 1

Symphogear season 3 is here, and Chris is still the best girl.

The event involving Maria, Shirabe, Kirika, their mother, and the crazy doctor seemed to be dubbed the “Frontier Incident”, and was quickly hushed up to the public. It would seem that Maria and the others were indeed punished for their involvement but have been given an opportunity to rehabilitate themselves – Maria serves the public in a similar fashion to Tsubasa. More importantly the world seems to revere the symphogear users as those that saved the earth – which they’d better damn well do, considering they did! After the Fine incident in season 1, I would say that the world at large wasn’t aware of the existence of the symphogear unit at all.

The new season hits us with some other hard facts right out of the gate – it would seem as though the symphogear users are deemed as goddamn japanese military weapons. Not a ridiculous statement considering what they are capable of, but it’s pretty hilarious that this is largely being applied to japanese high school girls. Oh well. This is anime after all.

The second division that we know and love that has been dedicated to protecting Japan from various threats of the Noise has been reorganized into S.O.N.G. (kek), who is focused on disaster relief around the world. That’s right, we’re going global this time.

So, enough with the synposis (I said I wouldn’t do those!) – what was up with the creepy “doll” like creature that attacked Maria? It seems that we’re sticking with the power of three villains again in this season (Sultry roof lady, little red riding hood girl, and creepy doll lady) – and as long as these adversaries remain powerful I’m totally ok with that. I’m just along for the ride.

Goddamn Tsubasa can NEVER finish a concert without something horrible happening. Why do people keep going to her concerts when shit usually attacks her or the audience all the time? She’s like villain catnip.

I’m most excited to see all 6 symphogear users in battle at the same time, a prospect I have been excited for since the beginning of the second season two years ago. How will Hibike, Tsubasa, and Chris work with Maria, Shirabe, and Kirika? Here’s hoping we find out soon. They need a LINKER or they won’t be able to use symphogear at all, after all!