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Reply: Hamatora – 8 – 12 (END)

Another show comes to an end, but in this case, it’s a bloody one.

I don’t even really know where to begin, as usual. But what a wild ride. I have to say that I’m pretty satisfied as to what ended up happening to the Freemum’s, although I do wonder what happened to the two that survived (The weird, creepy guy and the rapper dude). Not important, ultimately.

I was satisfied in the way the Ultimate was dealt with. Such a powerful woman couldn’t be done in by even the Hamatora, and I appreciated the fact that she was true to herself even in the bitter end. I couldn’t think of any other way for her to be put “out of the picture” in a satisfactory manner.

What a crazy bloodbath the ending was. I can’t tell you how much I leaped out of the couch in excitement when Murasaki punched the fuck out of that giant piece of shrapnel that was about to fall on Hajime. Seriously, my elation was of the same level as when Kenshin showed up at the end of Nobunaga the Fool. Might have even have been more. Fucking hype as shit.

I was amazed at how dark things got when Ratio and Nice ended up having to square off a few episodes before. Ratio isn’t an opponent I’d like to face, personally, but I thought for sure Nice would have tried to figure something out rather than dancing to the Ultimate’s tune. Also, was there a reason that Art forgot about Honey and Three, when he mentioned everyone was out of the picture?

Remember when we thought Moral was the most fucked up thing in Hamatora? It’s kind of crazy how deep that rabbit hole goes. Speaking of Morale, I love how we finally figured out how Art survived being shot several times, but I’m kind of a freaking idiot – for some reason it never occurred to me that he may have had his minimum before he got shot. Yeah, I’m retarded.

I love how Hamatora tied everyone important back to everything, namely the night that Nice escaped (or attempted to) escape from the minimum complex with Hajime. Even the old man and Kuneko were involved with minimum holders all along!

Most importantly, I personally don’t think I forgive Art. Let’s not forget how many people he killed (I excuse the deaths of Moral and the Freemum’s, as they were all evil douchebags), and most importantly, that he is guilty by omission of allowing Gasquette to die. Still not forgiving him for that. I can accept and am even happy that everyone else got a happy ending, as they deserved it. Poor Hajime. Congratulations to Birthday for getting healed – you did it Ratio! Nice and Murasaki also return as the infamous duo and everything is as it should be. All in all, a great ending.

Reply: Hamatora – 5 – 7

Hamatora comes back at breakneck speed as usual, with copious amounts of “Bad guys being dickheads”. Art takes up Moral’s resident duties as the primary dickhead (once a guy I felt sorry for, not even sure how that was possible) and continues with his spree of being a dickhead. Hey, it’s not eloquent, but hell, it’s accurate.

While I wasn’t likely to forgive Art before, he crossed the point of no return the second he killed old man Gasquet. This was completely unacceptable in my book. Gasquet was not unlike Light Yagami’s father – hard working, judicious, and an all around nice guy. All he cared about was doing the right thing and finding out why Art turned out the way he did. Seriously, you could not ask for a nicer partner. What does Art do? Let him die. I don’t care that you “cried” about it, you douchebag, you let him die. He was a “necessary sacrifice”, huh? I’m glad Murasaki beat the ever loving shit out of you, even if you have cheap ass plot hax that lets you recover.

Guess what, also? We still don’t know how Art survived his incident with Moral, or even how he is able to have a minimum when it was proven early on in the academy that he did not possess a minimum. Plan on explaining this anytime soon, Hamatora?

It seems that Freemum have propped up Art as some sort of deity or God. While I hold that Hamatora has always had a fairly realistic view of how the populace treats technology and news footage, I do feel as though crowds are pretty excitable and ready to believe just about anything they see, regardless of context. Maybe that’s not so different from IRL?

In any event, Murasaki, one of my personal favorites, lost his minimum after a long battle with a declining minimum. It seems as though he’s not the only one as the rest of the Hamatora, Honey especially, begin regressing from using their powers. Murasaki, unfortunately, is the only one who completely lost his minimum, something that made my heart sink. Looks like he has to get used to using conventional weapons – I’m at least happy he’s ok. I will welcome plot hax bullshit that give him his powers back anytime, show. You just say the word.

Also, that 7th episode? Legitimately the weirdest shit we’ve ever seen in this show, and so thematically out of place. That said? I loved it. I can’t tell you how hard I was laughing when Murasaki would get launched out of the bed to the ED theme. Hilarious shit.

Reply: Hamatora – 4

This week, we focus back on Three and Honey, mostly the latter.

The Hamatora deduce that Honey seems to regress to a childlike state for an undetermined amount of time when she uses her minimum, all of the sudden. With no explanation in sight (And what exactly triggered the onset of this other than her minimum), it seems that we have no answer for the time being.

Again, Hamatora had me grinning from ear to ear this week, watching Three fly across the entire city to save his partner. There’s something about a strong bond between two people in this manner that really strikes a chord in me. I love Three (Honey, too!)

Speaking of Honey, it turns out that her father is quite the douchebag and has a self-important opinion about how minimum holders should be using their abilities and governing their lives. It’s easy to speak out of turn to others and mandate how they use abilities when you, yourself, have no abilities of your own. I’d argue that “Doktor” is unfit to judge other minimum holders and it is up to people to live their lives the way they want to, whether they choose to contribute to society or not. Life is about choice and without choice, are we really living? I’ll save you the boring, existential drivel you’ve read thousands of times before but I think you get the point.

Loved it when we got to see Birthday and Ratio making a bust – those two are great foils for one another. Oh, and Art is back. AGAIN. This time it seems he’s taken a shine to growing a giant ass tree in the middle of the road, which is a new one for him. With only Hajime and Murasaki to back him up (No Three, honey, Ratio, or Birthday), can Art really defend himself? Honestly, I think Murasaki and Nice can probably take Art alone. Also weird to see Hajime doing anything at all, she usually sits on her butt all hours of the day.

Reply: Hamatora – 3

Can somebody even tell me what happened in this episode? Seriously, I don’t remember. I don’t know what I find amusing about acting like a drunk guy that just stumbled into the room but it never gets old for me.

Ok – I did learn something from this episode. People that have creepy, receeding hairlines and scraggly hair and run around in their underwear are probably evil. Some dumbass naked artist does some dumb shit and everyone punches the hell out of each other, THE END!


Holy shit, we need to focus here – more importantly, Art appeared, and seemingly had the upper hand against Nice before the other Hamatora intervened, cock blocking art a second time from his kill. Honey, while using her minimum, also seems to have turned into a complete retard baby for some reason. I know I’m being, somehow, even less eloquent than usual but there’s really no better, emphatic description of her behavior.

So Art thinks he’s an epic, badass hot shot now that he has minimums and knows how Nice’s minimum works – yeah, we’ve heard all that before Art, Morale tried this shit too and it didn’t work very well. Birthday and Ratio BTFO’d Art so hard – hard to believe this is the same guy I was pissed off to see die by Morale’s hands last season. Funny how you view someone is so tepid, isn’t it? Didn’t take much for me to think he’s a massive faggot!

More interesting was to hear that the fledgling detective was actually in on helping the artistic psychopath carry out his plans. As most detectives in this show seem to be fairly rotten (and how the hell else could he have gotten away with painting himself? The guy is the ONLY ONE who did a body check on him) – I’m not too surprised by this. Quite the opposite. But who is he working for? Obviously, the answers to that question are much more interesting.

Reply: Hamatora – 2

Art tries his hand at being a badass normal with varying degrees of success (and then later cheating and defying badass normal status).

Art attacks the students of the Minimum Academy that all the Hamatora attended at one point (including Art himself). He injects all students with something that seems to leave them alive but presumably strips them of their minimums. The one “faculty” member seems to beat the shit out of Art until Art cheats him by demonstrating he somehow absorbed all the minimum’s he had come into contact with at that point (including the light bending minimum from the previous episode) which he uses to stab Paper with his cocaine injection syringe.

So he can regenerate and utilize other minimums. Why hasn’t he already been doing so until the going got tough? It does answer a question I had – how the hell is Art ever going to stand a chance against Nice? I don’t care how much karate the guy does and many guns he has, Nice is gonna kick the shit out of him unless he has a minimum. I’m still curious as to how Art survived Moral’s assault but this at least brings up a plausible explanation – maybe he used his regeneration minimum to solve the problem? The only issue with that is that I’m very certain we saw the life drain from his eyes, so in other words we saw him die on screen and he didn’t do anything to stop it. So what the heck, Hamatora? Please provide a plausible explanation for his survival (and then later his motives), thanks.

Also, if Art’s motivations are really stupid, I am not going to be happy about it. Knowing Hamatora’s writers though, I have more faith in them than that. I know it’ll be something awesome. Right guys? RIGHT?!

Nah, in all seriousness, I’m intrigued. Let’s see what lies in store for us in this darker installment of Hamatora.

Reply: Hamatora – 1

So, one of my most anticipated shows of the season arrives. So, what happened? Did Nice survive? Was that really Art? How did he survive? What are his motives? Why such a face heel turn?

Obviously, going into this season I’m sure many have the same questions to ask. We get a very Code Geass season 2 answer to it, as well. I have to admit, with the Hamatora mourning Nice’s passing along with his lack of presence in the opening, I must concede I was very convinced. On the other hand, we never saw the body or exactly how it went down so it could be a ploy. But why would everyone mourn his passing if he wasn’t dead and they didn’t confirm it? Would that really be good enough for Murasaki?

Truth is, it was all a plot after all. Nice was lying low while everyone played it up as though he were dead in order to avoid Art’s detection. The Hamatora are on top of things even more than usual as they’ve already discerned Art’s intentions (that is, the elimination of Nice), although his motives remain a mystery. Nice, meanwhile, has been doing recon on him in his own absence not letting a single second go to waste. Why is Art doing this? Before knowing his motives, I’d really like to know how he survived getting fucking shot to death a million times by Morale. Please don’t ignore that, show?

This is truly an interesting development as I wasn’t expecting that person to actually be Art at all. I thought for certain it was a shapeshifter or someone with a minimum that allowed them to disguise themselves like Morale. I mean, he couldn’t be alive right? We saw him die. Then get shot several times after being dead.

The best part about this is that Art’s development in the previous season now seems sinister and dark rather than tragic – Resentment from being denied a gift he wanted (Sounds a lot like Mitsuhide!) turns to anger which turns to tragedy. Take it and run, Hamatora!