Reply: Hamatora – 4

This week, we focus back on Three and Honey, mostly the latter.

The Hamatora deduce that Honey seems to regress to a childlike state for an undetermined amount of time when she uses her minimum, all of the sudden. With no explanation in sight (And what exactly triggered the onset of this other than her minimum), it seems that we have no answer for the time being.

Again, Hamatora had me grinning from ear to ear this week, watching Three fly across the entire city to save his partner. There’s something about a strong bond between two people in this manner that really strikes a chord in me. I love Three (Honey, too!)

Speaking of Honey, it turns out that her father is quite the douchebag and has a self-important opinion about how minimum holders should be using their abilities and governing their lives. It’s easy to speak out of turn to others and mandate how they use abilities when you, yourself, have no abilities of your own. I’d argue that “Doktor” is unfit to judge other minimum holders and it is up to people to live their lives the way they want to, whether they choose to contribute to society or not. Life is about choice and without choice, are we really living? I’ll save you the boring, existential drivel you’ve read thousands of times before but I think you get the point.

Loved it when we got to see Birthday and Ratio making a bust – those two are great foils for one another. Oh, and Art is back. AGAIN. This time it seems he’s taken a shine to growing a giant ass tree in the middle of the road, which is a new one for him. With only Hajime and Murasaki to back him up (No Three, honey, Ratio, or Birthday), can Art really defend himself? Honestly, I think Murasaki and Nice can probably take Art alone. Also weird to see Hajime doing anything at all, she usually sits on her butt all hours of the day.

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