Kuroshitsuji – Book of Circus – 4

This was over much, much too quickly. Seems to be par for the course but I paid the time no heed as I watched this.

William and Sebastian continue to not get along, as usual. The question as to whether Ciel can function on his own without Sebastian is further expounded upon – what is a master without his dog? A king without his pawns? Ciel, while traditionally the rule maker, doesn’t seem to function as efficiently when he is made to be a set piece himself. Worse yet, his roommate unknowingly triggered one of Ciel’s bad memories from when his parents passed from the mortal realm (and the burning of his home).

Ciel has many difficult decisions to make but continues to press on in the face of danger for the sake of the queen. A loyal queen’s watchdog, indeed – I doubt she could have asked for a better one.

I felt sorry for the poor little girl we knew nothing about that was selling flowers – she was so sweet. I never found myself caring for someone I met maybe two minutes ago so much! The truth of the child disappearances comes to light and we now know they are tied to Noah’s arc circus and some crazy ass LCD or drugs. Seriously that was pretty trippy.

Hey, how about seeing Ronald, too? This is, technically, Ronald’s first appearance (no, his appearance in the second, very non-canon season does not count). Generally an assistant to William (or even sometimes Grell), he’s fairly reliable. I had assumed that William was the grim reaper leader but while I think he’s highly ranked I don’t think he is the “leader”. What you don’t know about some characters and where they stand in Black Butler is part of what makes it so interesting. Restraining information is awfully enticing (but somewhat evil!)

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