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Hitsugi no Chaika – 10 – 12 (END)

Chaika, destroyer of breads, destroyer of worlds. How many breads has Chaika destroyed?

Chaika leaves us on a high note with an action packed, interesting finale full of, once again, excellent pacing and genuine intrigue. Have I ever used the word intrigue without being immediately preceded with “genuine”? I really think I ought to start fleshing out my vocabulary. Next I’ll be saying other new things like “Intensely Interesting”, wow that’s a new one!! Sorry. I am prone to using the same phrases over and over again.

Now tell me what isn’t amazing about this: A floating fortress, women missing from a town, an evil duke’s son that likes to cut people up, a blue chaika, Chaika’s true nature and origin revealed, teaming up with former allies and finally lots of Fredericka kicking huge amounts of ass. Recipes for success abound, Chaika manages to grab the ball and run straight through the field goal and into the bleachers with these ideas in an explosive finale. Even Gillette bit the dust – maybe they’ll fund a line of razor blades for men in his honor.

Chaika headshotting blue Chaika was amazing to me – seriously I thought she had some real blood on her hands! Too bad she lived from that though. I don’t think anybody was really surprised that Chaika is an artificial creation, as are her “sisters”.

By the way, I feel like an idiot for not realizing this, but Guy? Either he is Emperor Gaz or he’s the one that created the artificial Chaika’s. Maybe both if Gaz is the one that created them after all! That would explain Guy’s immaterial form, strange inside knowledge, and ulterior motive for helping Chaika now, wouldn’t it? I’ve yet to read any synopsis to see if this was corroborated (maybe everyone else figured this out a month ago, I’m dumb) but that’s my gut feeling as it answers all those questions in one feel swoop.

Chaika season two is hitting us this fall! We’ll see for sure then.

Hitsugi no Chaika – 7 – 9

How many chaikas will we see in this show? What even IS a chaika? What does being a chaika say about you, and what sort of associations can we make about these strange creatures? Without associations, being a chaika isn’t anything other than an arbitrary title – but what does it MEAN? It means one thing: You have thick fucking eyebrows.

In all seriousness, the only association that comes with being a chaika is being a daughter of Emperor Gaz. On to the episodes!

I’m a little upset we abandoned the two-episode plot structure, but we still have much to talk about. From roadblocks, thieves, Toru’s history and training to his relationship with Chaika (and the other heroes), there’s much ground covered but not too much substantial in the realm of depth – I am totally ok with that. Perhaps the most alarming revelation to me was that Toru is harboring feelings for Chaika – really now? Chaika is such a small little cute thing that it’s easy to think of her as a little sister or a tiny 10 year old – hardly as a romantic option. She’s probably older than she looks because this is an anime.

Toru’s mistrust of others is a point of great interest to me – he’s a saboteur, so he’s hardened. He knows not to trust people that randomly stop them for money. He knows not everyone is who they say they are. He knows that not everyone can be trusted with his identity or his client’s identity. But that’s what I love about the guy – he’s vigilant, smart, and diligent. There is a lot I can say about the characterization in this show – Toru and Akari are great characters that technically bring nothing new to the table – but are interesting anyway. You end up loving their personalities even though we’ve seen it before – why is that? I purport that it is because their traits are shown to us rather than being shoved down our throats, which is becoming an alarmingly common practice. Please continue with this practice as I support it.

More Chaika gushing can be saved for next time.

Hitsugi no Chaika – 5 & 6

The thing about Chaika’s, man – apparently there’s more than one of them?!

It turns out that not only is there more than one of them, there’s potentially several Chaika’s running around out there! While our heroes have postulated that it would not be uncommon for the late emperor to have had many wives and thus many children, there are not certain as to the true origins of the Red, more capable Chaika and their own demure white Chaika. Just what is going on here?

Again, the show has proved that time and time again it can entertain the hell out of me. What we had was a classic juxtaposition / stockholm syndrome with the reversal of two Chaikas. Neither group of saboteurs is really so bad as they are just on opposite sides of the same goal – both want the same thing and are inevitably going clash over it. These episodes do raise a good question though – how many other Chaika’s are out there gather the emperor’s remains? That, uh, “remains” to be seen for the moment (god please kill me).

Gillete has also been taken off the task of catching Chaika as the rulers wisely ruled it a “waste of time” (Thank god!) so now our own Chaika is free of pursuers…except every other Chaika. Yeah, I may have forgotten about them. I somehow also doubt that Gillete will let himself be taken off this task so easily – my bets are on him going rogue. We’ll see for sure.

Toru and Akari are really awesome. I love how the show just lets them be themselves without force-feeding their personalities down our throats – this leaves a lot of room for some naturally character development and lets the viewer form a bond with them in their own way, all the while forming their own conclusions about what type of people they are and what they value (as opposed to having this explicitly pointed out for you rather than shown). So far the show nails it in storytelling, character building, and pacing – how can it keep this up? That’s a question better saved for next week!

Hitsugi no Chaika – 3 & 4

“Chaika destroy 100 breads. Shocking truth!” ~ Chaika, never.

While I must say that the first two episodes didn’t exactly blow me away (They were still pretty good!), I have to concede that the show has really hit home with me now. The pacing in the 3rd episode was phenomonal and the world building was genuinely interesting. I never thought I would have liked the show so much judging from its onset – if I have any complaints, it’s that Tooru and his sister, er, their design anyway appears to be a bit uninspired. That doesn’t mean they haven’t grown on me exceptionally, though – I commend BONES for not giving Tooru’s sister an extremely forceful personality or shoving it down our throats every second they get, it’s made me like her considerably more.

Yes, the pacing was completely outstanding here. The intrigue on “the ruler”, the “dragoon” she has, her mansion, the ensuing mystery – all handled perfectly and I have not a single complaint. I was completely enthralled the whole time and the character building didn’t kill the pace nearly as much as it does in lesser shows.

Dominica, or rather, the dragoon masquerading as Dominica was completely awesome. I found myself smiling at what a good sport she was – even so cocky as to tell Tooru her weakness! It’s just awesome – there aren’t enough villains that respect their opponents like this in fiction, and especially anime. While I kinda had hoped she would have kept her form as “Dominica”, that’s ok – as long as they have a giant, dragon-esque dragoon in their company I’m sure they’ll give Gillete a run for his money later.

These episodes were really a treat and now I can count this show as one of my absolute favorites this season. What lies in store for us next, I wonder? I never thought I’d be looking forward to what is essentially “Fetch Quest: The anime” but consider my curiosity piqued. Let’s get those, uh, ‘body parts’ or something. Yuck.

Hitsugi no Chaika – 2

While it would seem the world in Hitsugi no Chaika is no more fleshed out than before (albeit only slight by observing surroundings), it would appear that we’ve hit the “main plot” as it were. And it isn’t.

As mentioned previously, lion-wizard man’s supernatural powers are only artificial and provided in full by the severed arm of Chaika’s father, and I’m serious this is what the story is I’m not making this shit up! Chaika’s aim is to gather all the lost, severed parts of her dad and manages at the same time to not make this sentiment creepy; rather it is endearing. Why is it endearing? She’s collecting the severed body parts of her father! I don’t have an answer for you if you’re looking for a satisfactory response to that quandry.

As it turns out, several enemies have attempted to draw suspicion upon Chaika by saying the usual cryptic stuff such as “She’s not who she appears to be” and “Don’t you know who she is?” These questions have failed to stir the pot with our heroes who unfailingly seem to trust her, and I could hardly blame her because I wouldn’t trust someone who tried to murder me with mounted swords a moment earlier either. He needs to shave also.

Toru and Akari make the inevitable and slightly predictable choice of siding with Chaika, much to the chagrin of the man of nobility who visited our lion-esque friend earlier, who attempts to tell them they have “no idea what they’re getting into working for her”, etc. A smoke bomb later, and Toru is fighting one of his lackies on the bridge in what is the most impressive action sequence of the show thus far and I must confess I was excited watching it. A stab in the arm later (Toru appears to have the same forgiving mentality that plagues many main characters) and the fight is over. Toru and Akari profess that they will aid Chaika in her journey to find her father’s, uh, pieces. Let’s call them that, okay?

Because it appears that this is where this show is actually going to begin, I will reserve judgment and simply leave it at this: I find what we’ve seen thus far a bit routine but promising if taken in the right direction. More superficially, Chaika is really cute and I just want to love her. Toru is somewhat badass but hasn’t really achieved much dimension in my book thus far. Akari is a bit more interesting but we truly know nothing about them or the world we inhabit. Again, I’m jumping the gun a bit; let’s take a step back and watch what unfolds next.

Hitsugi no Chaika – 1

Bones, doing three shows this season? Say it ain’t so. It IS so, though (and I’m pretty happy about that!)

Enter Hitsugi no Chaika – a show revolving around a dead evil emperor’s moe-ass daughter and the giant coffin thing she carries on her back. Wait, she’s the daughter of an evil dead emperor but she’s still moe? You look at those eyebrows and tell me she isn’t, mister.

While Chaika has a lot of personality and I love her fragmented speech, I wish that the show padded out our MC and his sister a bit more (although I must say his sister does have a bit of spunk to her and I do like her). MC-kun isn’t so bad, I just feel like we know absolutely nothing about him at all. Maybe that’s what the narrative is shooting for; maybe he’s supposed to be this mysterious dude and the exposition will come gradually – and that’s cool with me – but I guess I’m just dying for more details for once.

The pacing is quick and fierce – our heroes accept a job for the cute chaika and break into the mansion of an artificial but deadly wizard to retrieve something that is precious to Chaika – no doubt it’s that creepy hand he was talking to earlier in the episode. Yuck. He can have it. The wizard proves to not be a jobber at all and turns the tides quickly against our hero.

Something that is often unstated is that cool incantations are appreciated, and this show has a pretty cool one before our hero activates his “battle” form or something. I’m not sure what it does but I’d assume it enhances his abilities. I’m certain ensuing episodes will provide full detail on this.

An interesting start, but I can’t help but feel the world doesn’t yet have any dimension. I’m enjoying it – and I loved the zombie unicorn fight right in the beginning – but something feels as though it were missing. I can’t exactly put my finger on it yet. Maybe it’s because I don’t know exactly what kind of world we’re in – although it seems to be a fantasy-esque one (I know, I’m a genius.) I can’t pounce on the show too fast – after all, this was only the first episode! Let’s see where it takes this introductory plotting. Knowing Bones, it’s going to be a great ride and we’ll want to all be on board anyway.