Hitsugi no Chaika – 7 – 9

How many chaikas will we see in this show? What even IS a chaika? What does being a chaika say about you, and what sort of associations can we make about these strange creatures? Without associations, being a chaika isn’t anything other than an arbitrary title – but what does it MEAN? It means one thing: You have thick fucking eyebrows.

In all seriousness, the only association that comes with being a chaika is being a daughter of Emperor Gaz. On to the episodes!

I’m a little upset we abandoned the two-episode plot structure, but we still have much to talk about. From roadblocks, thieves, Toru’s history and training to his relationship with Chaika (and the other heroes), there’s much ground covered but not too much substantial in the realm of depth – I am totally ok with that. Perhaps the most alarming revelation to me was that Toru is harboring feelings for Chaika – really now? Chaika is such a small little cute thing that it’s easy to think of her as a little sister or a tiny 10 year old – hardly as a romantic option. She’s probably older than she looks because this is an anime.

Toru’s mistrust of others is a point of great interest to me – he’s a saboteur, so he’s hardened. He knows not to trust people that randomly stop them for money. He knows not everyone is who they say they are. He knows that not everyone can be trusted with his identity or his client’s identity. But that’s what I love about the guy – he’s vigilant, smart, and diligent. There is a lot I can say about the characterization in this show – Toru and Akari are great characters that technically bring nothing new to the table – but are interesting anyway. You end up loving their personalities even though we’ve seen it before – why is that? I purport that it is because their traits are shown to us rather than being shoved down our throats, which is becoming an alarmingly common practice. Please continue with this practice as I support it.

More Chaika gushing can be saved for next time.

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