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Captain Earth – 2

So, I’ve read some reviews and comparisons that have likened captain earth to the obvious: Star Driver with a bit of Eureka Seven mixed in. Given the studio that produced and developed this show, I think that is a pretty fair comparison. Let’s explore that for a bit. Mech and character designs aside (and the questionable use of the word “libido”), I’m even less convinced than ever before that Captain Earth really has much in common with star driver, save the superficial. Themes, feel, presentation; Star Driver bowled you the fuck over if you were in its way. It was flamboyant, flashy, and cool as shit. Captain Earth is also really cool, but it doesn’t revel in its own flashiness and I don’t really feel the similarities in the narrative.

I enjoyed our little insert song last week, but I can’t help but miss the flashy boisterousness Star Driver had when it came to battles. I’ll never forget the hype I felt as Takuto geared up to face his first challenger in the first episode. That said, it’s unfair of me to compare the two when it’s clear by the tone that Captain Earth is attempting a very different feel in story and pacing. That said, given these aspects, I feel it is most fair to compare it to Eureka Seven.

In any event, this week further developed things by throwing tons and tons of jargon, allegiances, and perogatives our way. It’s not hard to make sense of them, but of note is the fact that Teppei and Hana are being used as research subjects and are being contained by an “electric fence.” It’s the sort of treatment that is usually reserved for dogs and it’s completely unnecessary, but of course there is one royal jackass in GLOBE that is, for some reason or another, goes out of his way to be a colossal jackass. I know sometimes a show needs someone to be the asshole before the antagonist shows up but this guy is annoying. Here’s hoping he drowns in a bathtub.

It looks like the show is really going to begin now that we’ve got Takuto, Sugata, and Wako together. Er, you know what I mean. I think you know what I mean?

Nah, you know. I see that look in your eye. Don’t wink at me, ew.

Captain Earth – 1

This show has gotten me way more excited than it probably should have, honestly. But coming from those that made Star Driver, my hype guage is at total maximum. Like, that shit is broken, son. That meter ain’t tellin’ you the air pressure no more.

By the way, in case you weren’t able to tell from my previous entry, I’m intending to try a different blogging style; summarizing the episode was a lesson in tedium and I honestly didn’t enjoy this (This isn’t goddamn school, ok.) In addition, if you’re reading this it’s likely because you’re interested in the show to begin with or have already seen the episode or show in question, so you really don’t need the bloody thing summarized anyway. That said, expect this format from now on (including shows that haven’t finished like Nobunaga).

So what’s Captain Earth’s deal? Well, for one, who even is Captain Earth? I have no idea. Let’s talk about the episode, shall we? As far as intro episodes to mech shows goes, this one is pretty typical but still awesome. Much like Star Driver, the show takes place on an island. Uh, ok. It also involves MC-kun sneaking into a secret facility. Uh, ok, just like Star Driver. It also features sequences where the MC gets armed into mechs that is similar to the approvoise sequence in Star Driver. This lead Missi and I to speculate as to whether or not they take place in the same universe. As interesting as that would be, I don’t think that is the case here. Cybody’s in Star Driver were unable to approvoise outside of closed space without their supposed phase 4. Interesting similarities, nonetheless.

MC-kun’s backstory with the young boy was interesting and does spark curiosity as to who the boy is, even if it was nothing particularly special. The obvious bets would be that he’s an “alien” or “lab experiment”; my money’s on the former. Where do we go from here? Looks as though MC had inadvertently become the protector of the earth. I’m ok with this.

Please show me more.