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Atelier Escha & Logy – 5

A new recruit? And she’s a bona-fide 12 year old? Say it ain’t so!

But it IS so, and as it turns out, “ain’t” isn’t a word! As it turns out, Lucille is a new recruit for the R&D division and now Escha has a kuhai. She seems very capable and even takes on manufacturing a cure to an epidemic on her own, which turns out overwhelming the poor little bugger. While somewhat expected, the lesson here rings very true – daunting tasks are much less scary when you have friends to help you out. I know that’s very CBS, but it IS true and I must admit I found the resolution with her father heartwarming. It made me smile, which this show tends to do to me. What else can I ask of it?

The humonculi were really funny – I was expecting something humanoid looking but that wasn’t the case. The little guys were awfully chatty but it was interesting to see how they fit into the world and what they were being used for. Solle seems to have taken a liking to them – probably the first demonstration that the man has a soul that we’ve seen yet!

I’d also like to talk briefly about how funny it was to see that there were two different parties following Lucille’s accomplishment – the kid’s table (escha’s party) and the adult one (Logy’s, Threia, etc.) Do anime women always complain about being single when they’re out drinking? Real women might do that too, but I wouldn’t know – Melissa is not the drinking type.

Damn, Threia is really cool too. The cape thing was the icing on the cake, but she’s just wickedly cool in the way that she holds herself; it’s not hard to see why she can be described as “kinda scary.”

I uh, also may have skipped the ED sequence in the 3rd episode. Oops. I do remember somebody saying something about feeling as though one was “awakened”. I might have to partially rewatch the episode.

Atelier Escha & Logy – 4

So what’s in a tail, anyway?

Escha’s tail was all the rage this week, it seems. I always had thought it a fourth-wall-breaking-its-not-actually-moving-and-is-only-moving-because-of-artistic-freedom-and-this-is-a-cartoon kinda thing, and forgive me for the insanely long word there. The point is that I never had actually thought it was really moving, as stupid as that may sound to you. It is though! But only through the power of alchemy, which is somehow fitting.

Can you mass market a tail? If you think so, I have a tale for you.


Anyways, continuing on, the small fast-talking market girl sure seems to think so, but Escha is not sure how to make one. Her mother made the tail for her before passing away. All the heroes attempts at making one end up failing unfortunately, but we do have some hilarity and small character building to make up for it along the way, thankfully. Would have been quite the waste otherwise!

The part where the tail began hobbling about town possessing just about goddamn near everyone was hysterical because of how everyone came from offscreen out of NOWHERE comically and got possessed. Like, goddamn everybody in the entire fucking cast was just hanging out around the corner and rounded it just so that they could get their shot in at getting possessed. If that isn’t hilarious, I don’t know what is. I was in stitches at how convenient it was that they just all happened to be there. It was like a stage where every other line was *CUE ACTOR 3 & 4* or something!

Escha seems to know mysteriously little about her mother despite remembering much about what she did with her and how she treated her. There certainly are a lot of mysterious mothers in the Atelier series (Totori’s mother included!) What’s up with her forgetting what she looked like? It’s too hard to predict what it might be – if the tone of this show were more sinister I’d be more inclined to believe that it was brainwashing by the android in their family or something, but the show is too innocent for that sort of thing…or so it appears. We’ll see!

Atelier Escha & Logy – 3

Remember how I was complaining that there wasn’t enough action in this show? Well, first of all, I am an idiot – combat is never the focus of Atelier games and this show has made it bloody obvious what kind of pace we can expect and two – It happened in this episode. Our company got to fight a monster. I was thrilled.

So adventure takes us to a cave and we meet two suspicious wannabe “looters” and a strong, somewhat scary lady (This is evident by her posture – no hands in your long coat = badass) who goes by Threi Hazelgrimm. Threi is apparently an archeologist who is examining the ruins. But wait, why are we even in this cavern to begin with? Well, as it turns out, we only provided a band-aid solution to the water pollution problem. To fix this, our heroes venture to the source with our witch friend and her companion and encounter a monster protecting a small dam which appears to be the culprit for the reduced water supply AND the dirty water.

The monster in question also kinda kicked everyone’s ass pretty bad and after being helped by everyone and their mother, Escha did him in with a well placed stick of dynamite. That bastard was pretty resiliant.

So, we’ve permanently solved the water flow problem and now we can return to maybe doing some real R&D? Maybe guys? Just kidding – please, more excuses for exploring and action are fine with me. I don’t even care that you just wear the R&D badge as a fancy title – really I don’t!

Did I ever mention that I love the ending theme for this show? It’s so serene and peaceful – really a wonderful little tune to close out each episode on and fits the theme and feel of the show quite well. I wonder if we’ll find out who that girl is in the ED soon? I certainly hope so. I’m looking forward to the endgame of this show where we finally explore the floating ruins also, please. You can’t tease us with that and not show us what’s up there!

Atelier Escha & Logy – 2

Escha – could she be any cuter? She has nearly surpassed Ayesha’s cuteness level, something of which I did not think was so easily accomplished. And in fact, it isn’t easily accomplished by any means, she’s just that cute. It would be nice if Melissa would cease frequently reminding me she is underage (while Logy is 18, on the other hand. Anime ages, man.)

Our two heroes go out on their first real adventure this week as they attempt to cure a far off villiage’s tainted water supply. But how could they accomplish this? The same way all the atelier’s handle this shit: WITH MAGI- I mean, with alchemy. Equivalent exchange and all that. Venturing out into a market in town for recipes on how to do this, they find a book on a local merchant that details how to create this “water purifying” bottle that should cure their tained water supply. They head out to gather these ingredients but one eludes them: BROWN LEAF. Ok, I’m just kidding, it’s not called that, but that is pretty much exactly what it looks like.

Along the way, Eschy & Logy meet a young witch and her partner. How is magic handled in this universe? I’m unsure about this universe but in the Arland series it was fairly commonplace as in most RPG’s. The young witch girl actually utilizes her power to help Logy when he takes a bit of a tumble off the wall gathering their resources which seems to surprise Escha quite a bit. I guess magic is a pretty big deal here, huh? It explains why the witch attempted to keep her mastery of the arts as a secret.

Escha and Logy sucessfully purify the water in the far off town and Escha seems pretty happy about that. I’m pretty happy about it too but you know, for the R&D division they sure haven’t done much R&D. I guess that’s ok because to be honest, that sounds incredibly boring; I’d much rather them go out adventuring, kill monsters, and gather ingredients to make cool stuff.

I guess that’s not a terribly interesting analysis, but I don’t have much to say other than the show makes you feel warm on the inside when you watch. It’s got a bit of a lazy pace to it, but I like that. Unlike the bread of happiness, which in fact, brought me no happiness at all.

Atelier Escha & Logy – 1

I am seriously so behind in these games. I still haven’t beaten Atelier Totori, or even gotten past the first few hours. I am the worst person ever but you know you still love me maybe at least a little bit (Ok, so maybe not at all (maybe just a little more than that? (ok, I am getting a bit greedy))).

Let me say with 100% certainty that I love Atelier and all of the assorted games; the less serious stories, the light-heartedness of its tone, the cute, fun, exploration – there’s a lot to love here. Let me share with you a description that I wish I was creative enough to say I’ve crafted myself, but that isn’t true. Here it is anyway: Picture yourself playing an old RPG. You’re in the last dungeon and it’s been hours since you’ve last fully recovered or had the chance to buy items; yup, it’s one of those areas. You’re seconds before maybe the fourth sub-boss you’ve fought in this dungeon and you see a merchant in front of you. The usual questions ensue, but the most primary of those would be “How the fug did this guy get down here alive!?!?” Atelier answers that question for you; you play as that merchant.

Atelier Escha & Logy is undeniably cute and quaint, which is everything I was expecting from a show based on the Atelier games. Hoping not to relive the horrors of the fucking bread of happiness, I delve in and come out pleasantly surprised; this show took the source material, matched the tone well, and even throws in a bit of foreshadowing and intrigue. How badass is a floating island that nobody has ever explored? You can ask Melissa; I spoke out loud about how awesome I thought this was as soon as they mentioned it. Hopefully they triggered a plot flag that will ensure they will return or visit it near the end of the series.

Doesn’t anyone think it’s incredibly cool that an android that’s been in the family for several, several, several years has been raising Escha? I did think her speaking mannerisms slightly strange. She seems very loving and caring to Escha, so I doubt there is any issue.

It may not be in the cards with this show, but I’m hoping we also get a bit of action; after all, combat is an integral part of the Atelier series. How else are they going to trek 3 days to the farthest plane to gather that piece of dead herbal grass?