Atelier Escha & Logy – 5

A new recruit? And she’s a bona-fide 12 year old? Say it ain’t so!

But it IS so, and as it turns out, “ain’t” isn’t a word! As it turns out, Lucille is a new recruit for the R&D division and now Escha has a kuhai. She seems very capable and even takes on manufacturing a cure to an epidemic on her own, which turns out overwhelming the poor little bugger. While somewhat expected, the lesson here rings very true – daunting tasks are much less scary when you have friends to help you out. I know that’s very CBS, but it IS true and I must admit I found the resolution with her father heartwarming. It made me smile, which this show tends to do to me. What else can I ask of it?

The humonculi were really funny – I was expecting something humanoid looking but that wasn’t the case. The little guys were awfully chatty but it was interesting to see how they fit into the world and what they were being used for. Solle seems to have taken a liking to them – probably the first demonstration that the man has a soul that we’ve seen yet!

I’d also like to talk briefly about how funny it was to see that there were two different parties following Lucille’s accomplishment – the kid’s table (escha’s party) and the adult one (Logy’s, Threia, etc.) Do anime women always complain about being single when they’re out drinking? Real women might do that too, but I wouldn’t know – Melissa is not the drinking type.

Damn, Threia is really cool too. The cape thing was the icing on the cake, but she’s just wickedly cool in the way that she holds herself; it’s not hard to see why she can be described as “kinda scary.”

I uh, also may have skipped the ED sequence in the 3rd episode. Oops. I do remember somebody saying something about feeling as though one was “awakened”. I might have to partially rewatch the episode.

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