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Kill la Kill – 24

And so ends what was a fantastic ride. It’s nice to see we get at least one show of Kill la Kill quality every year. This year, well…it was Kill la Kill.

While Kill la Kill never had the most intricate story, the true fun lied in the character interaction and depth of conflict between two personalities and viewpoints clashing with each other, leaving room for only the victor to stand on top. This episode featured many ups and downs for our heroes (from a jamming signal that disabled their goku uniforms, to Nui clones, to Ragyou’s kamui) but ultimately it was teamwork and an unlikely alliance that saved the day.

Let me just say that Ragyou was a fantastic villain. Not very often do you have villains with such an intimidating and commanding presence as Ragyou. Charismatic, crazy as shit, and downright frightening, Ragyou was everything a great villain should be, and it’s duly appreciated here.

The great Honnouji academy assault also gave us a few last moments to appreciate not only Mako for being the biggest surprise of the entire show, but also the elite four who can hold their own even against Nui’s clones. Lest we forget, Gamagoori’s insane bravado and willpower was certainly a sight to behold. Gamagoori, you’re awesome and we will certainly miss you and your hugeness.

It was also a nice touch (and a bit of a revelation) that Satsuki was able to understand and converse with Seneketsu, a revelation that ultimately led to their victory, but unfortunately to the latter’s doom. Senketsu can also be described as a surprise in himself; who ever expected to be able to love a piece of clothing so much? He had so much personality and conviction; he truly believed in Ryuuko and treated her as a partner. In fact, it is often those that aren’t human that I get so attached to. Senketsu, you faught the good man’s fight. Rest in peace!

Where do we go from here? Apparently there’s an OVA coming out in September. Hopefully we have cute Ryuuko’s doing cute things. Or Satsuki. Man, go back to the first episode and take a look at how fearsome she is. What a difference!

That’s it for me for this show.

Kill la Kill – 23

I’m going to kill-la-kill myself.

And so begins the final battle! Mako proves her usefulness by, uh, generally getting tossed around? Who cares man she looks cool. The elite four also reveal they’ve had goku uniforms of their own being worked on by the sewing club. They bust them out in a fashion that will make you squee with joy, it’s truly an awesome sight to behold.

Meanwhile, Ragyou attempts to awaken the original life fiber. Easily fending off both Ryuuko and Satsuki, she tells them how futile what they’re doing is while generally being crazy. You know, typically bad guy stuff. Ryuuko, however, initiates a desperate gambit with a small hand signal which involves…her getting cut in half? Great plan, Ryuuko.

…Or so it seems! Satsuki apparently is just buying time for Ryuuko to circle around and get a good strike on her. It was aaaaallll an illusion. Ryuuko makes her way to the inside of the life fiber and destroys the thing successfully!

Anybody else feel bad for Tsumugu? The guy used to be epic but nowadays he can’t really do much. It’s like everyone else is a saiyan and he’s just a human or something. Poor genetic material.

Our allies regroup just in time to realize that the true threat lies in infiltrating the academy that Satsuki herself built. To make matters worse, Ragyou gives the eternally irrelevant Nui her arms back (although clarifies she’d be unable to use them for sewing again). Great, I’m so happy she’s still in the story! There is only one way this story is getting resolved, and we’re about to see it. Stay tuned.

Kill la Kill – 22

This week’s installment of Kill la Kill had even more in store for us than last week did, somehow. And yes, I finally got to see Nui get BTFO’d. Here are some images courtesy of /a/ in celebration of Nui getting BTFO’d so bad.

Ahem. Anyway, on to the episode. It begins with Ryuuko tearing Junketsu from her body despite the life fibers being tied to her. Nui laughs, thinking that Ryuuko should have never thrown her the scissor blade as she nows holds both. Nui’s composure is quickly broken when she gets both her sorry ass arms cut off, which is better than she deserves. No long so “Haha I’m stronger than you and also cute!” and deliciously so, she is forced to retreat (unfortunately, would have loved to see her off herself too) when Rei picks her up against her will. She thanks Rei by bleeding profusely in her face and yelling at her. Being Rei sucks, what else is new.

What we are treated to next is what I’d call the best moment in Kill la Kill yet (yes, even superior to the Takarada moments somehow). Former Hounouji Academy members (Elite 4, Satsuki, sewing club, etc.) and Nudist Beach bond hardcore as they realize they were really fighting on the same side for the same thing all along. Satsuki reveals that her intentions were to harden Ryuuko and train her, controlling her emotions making her think she was the one who killed her dad. Satsuki realizes that what she did was just like Ragyou, apologizes, and humbly requests Ryuuko’s aid in the fight against her mom, which she blushingly accepts. Poor Satsuki has been through so much the past few episodes; she’s had it rough. Glad to see things finally turn to her side for once.

Satsuki, with the aid of the sewing club’s head, has refitted Junketsu to be completely subordinate to her wishes (rather than let “it” wear “her”) by infusing it with Ryuuko and Mako’s blood.

Appointing teacher man as the acting leader, Satsuki and Ryuuko claim they will spearhead Ragyou while the others attempt to destroy the beacon that will be the receiving end for the “Covers” operation; that is, the operation that will turn everyone on the planet into a COVER, destroy the planet, and further spread the life fibers into space. Satsuki and Ryuuko transform simultaneously in a tear-jerkingly beautiful scene and the final battle finally begins. They have fully accepted one another as a sister, even if Ryuuko won’t say it.

The episode ends with Mako coming out of nowhere to protect Gamagoori donning her previously shown two star outfit from like, 16 episodes ago! Mako has now geared up and is ready to join the battle.

Kill la Kill – 21

As usual, Kill la Kill moves at breakneck pace once again this week. I feel as thought the series could have benefited from a 26 episode run rather than a 24; even just two episodes around when Ryuuko was knocked out and the ‘ultimate 5’ were formed could have really helped pad things out a bit.

That said, this week was still incredible. We had some, uh, out of place yuri in the beginning (which seems to be par for the course for being evil in this show) and the inevitable flip flop battle of Ryuuko vs Satsuki. Seeing Satsuki this week was unusual because it’s hard to see her so vulnerable; even so far as 5 episodes ago we doubtlessly could have even imagined someone getting the better of Satsuki. Pretty crazy how that ends up turning out for you once you’re on the protaganist’s side! All jokes aside, Satsuki’s strength is respected as I doubt she could have beaten Ryuuko in this state or not, deus ex machina aside. Satsuki also holds her own relatively unarmed against Nui (who is the single most irritating character in the show). She’s have a scissor blade thrown in her stomach by the end of the episode so it’s not all bad.

Ragyo, on the other hand, begins to bring her Life Fiber plans to fruition by announcing that 100% of the world is wearing Revoc’s clothing (quite a statistic; I’d make sure the number cruncher’s aren’t fudging them, Ragyo). She begins by, big surprise, turning all of Revoc’s workers into COVERS, including the fat groveling dude that’s been following her around for some time. How will Ragyo even be defeated? I think most people would guess with the completed scissor blade from Nui…Only time will tell, but that seems to be the most obvious route at the moment.

Satsuki draws Ryuuko’s attention away as the Elite Four prepare a gambit (of Satsuki’s own design of course) to remove Junketsu from Ryuuko. As expected, it doesn’t work, but Satsuki does not falter. As expected, it is Mako who takes advantage of an opening in Ryuuko’s defenses (created by Gamagoori) and brings her to her senses just in time.

It’s also worth noting that, unfortunately, Tsumugu got no respect this episode and was relegated to getting punked by Nui. If Nui isn’t dead by next episode this show can consider itself dropped. Ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating, but I just want to see her dead! Who can blame me seriously? She hasn’t been relevant for a while now.