Kill la Kill – 22

This week’s installment of Kill la Kill had even more in store for us than last week did, somehow. And yes, I finally got to see Nui get BTFO’d. Here are some images courtesy of /a/ in celebration of Nui getting BTFO’d so bad.

Ahem. Anyway, on to the episode. It begins with Ryuuko tearing Junketsu from her body despite the life fibers being tied to her. Nui laughs, thinking that Ryuuko should have never thrown her the scissor blade as she nows holds both. Nui’s composure is quickly broken when she gets both her sorry ass arms cut off, which is better than she deserves. No long so “Haha I’m stronger than you and also cute!” and deliciously so, she is forced to retreat (unfortunately, would have loved to see her off herself too) when Rei picks her up against her will. She thanks Rei by bleeding profusely in her face and yelling at her. Being Rei sucks, what else is new.

What we are treated to next is what I’d call the best moment in Kill la Kill yet (yes, even superior to the Takarada moments somehow). Former Hounouji Academy members (Elite 4, Satsuki, sewing club, etc.) and Nudist Beach bond hardcore as they realize they were really fighting on the same side for the same thing all along. Satsuki reveals that her intentions were to harden Ryuuko and train her, controlling her emotions making her think she was the one who killed her dad. Satsuki realizes that what she did was just like Ragyou, apologizes, and humbly requests Ryuuko’s aid in the fight against her mom, which she blushingly accepts. Poor Satsuki has been through so much the past few episodes; she’s had it rough. Glad to see things finally turn to her side for once.

Satsuki, with the aid of the sewing club’s head, has refitted Junketsu to be completely subordinate to her wishes (rather than let “it” wear “her”) by infusing it with Ryuuko and Mako’s blood.

Appointing teacher man as the acting leader, Satsuki and Ryuuko claim they will spearhead Ragyou while the others attempt to destroy the beacon that will be the receiving end for the “Covers” operation; that is, the operation that will turn everyone on the planet into a COVER, destroy the planet, and further spread the life fibers into space. Satsuki and Ryuuko transform simultaneously in a tear-jerkingly beautiful scene and the final battle finally begins. They have fully accepted one another as a sister, even if Ryuuko won’t say it.

The episode ends with Mako coming out of nowhere to protect Gamagoori donning her previously shown two star outfit from like, 16 episodes ago! Mako has now geared up and is ready to join the battle.

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