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Noragami – 12

Another one bites the dust this week (and I’m extremely unhappy to see this one end); Noragami’s final episode is upon us.

Noragami finishes its run this past week and in order to do so, Hiyori needs her memories back, Raibou needs his ass kicked, and everyone else needs to be able to have a happy ending. Ok, none of that needs to happen but that’s how I’d like it to play out, ok. Hey, stop saying I have shit taste, I can hear you, you know! Hopefully the darkness contained in this episode will be a little less than the average urobutcher story amount of edge.

Raibou and Yato finally have their confrontation. Raibou’s aim is apparently to draw out the old god of calamity in Yato, and to do so, he realizes he needs to be edgier by slicing his wrists ok, I’m kidding. He decides to remove all of Hiyori’s memories, but not without teasing Yato first. Hoping to have enraged our hero, he finds out quickly that he got exactly what he wanted; he summarily gets his ass kicked. Desperate for the power necessary to stand on even footing with this enraged Yato, he fuses with a phantom. Getting the power that he wanted, he combats Yato and manages to hold his own…until he takes out Hiyori with a giant boulder.

Luckily, Yato is faster and manages to save her. But what does it matter now? She has forgotten everyone and everything…that is, until she smells a familiar scent. It’s Yato, and suddenly, it all rushes back to her. She kicks Yato off of her and Yato finds his strength again, the warmth returning to his face. Yato fells Raibou in one blow. Raibou then tells all; he wanted to die. After waking up from his 500 year slumber, he wanted to be slain by the one he felt to be most like him. Yato exclaims that they’re nothing alike, and Raibou passes on.

There’s not much to speak of beyond this. Yato does get a little warm when talking about Hiyori and Hiyori herself does blush a bit and say things that could be misconstrued as a confession. It was sweet. We’ll miss you, Noragami. Come back for a second season please?

Noragami – 11

Poor Yato. You never see the guy really open up, but you can tell he’s down because Hiyori can’t remember them. Hiyori, who is genuinly warm-hearted and kind, definitely is a ray of sunshine in both Yukkine’s and Yato’s life.

Both of them desperately try to get her to remember Yato (She hasn’t forgotten Yukkine) through the use of stories and drawings, but they aren’t able to do anything. Yato seems to think that art is the answer; guy is really dedicated. Even Hiyori realizes, after flipping through her notebook, that she did know this “Yato” guy after all (she saw a drawing she made of the three of them).

Yato meets Nora, who reveals she’s stolen Hiyori’s memories of him. In order to get them back, Yato will need to defeat Rabou, who was his fellow “God of calamity” back in the day. Clearly unhinged and extremely powerful, Yato fights to kill against him as he tries to get Yato to “remember” something, almost hauntingly. Thankfully, our friend Yukkine is always there to snap him to his senses. Unable to defeat Rabou, he taunts them into fighting him again later, or else he will never return Hiyori’s memories.

Yato decides that it’s for the better that Hiyori doesn’t remember them; after all, distancing herself from them should restore her human form. She shouldn’t be caught up in the matters of a god, anyway. Yukkine, being the good little brother he is, thinks differently and works on a picture book chronicling the entire show to this point. He shows it to Hiyori in a touching scene where she loves every minute of it, even if she still doesn’t remember who Yato is. After Yuki’s done, she requests to hold onto it, hoping it might help her remember something.

Just as it seems hope returns, it leaves again; As Hiyori grabs the book, she forgets who Yukkine is and what had just transpired. Horrified, Yuki runs. Nora reveals her memories are completely slipping away and it won’t be long until nothing is left. Despite thinking he’s giving them exactly what they want (and that it might kill Yuki), Yato decides he has no decision but to fight them.

Yukkine cries his heart out at the thought Hiyori has forgotten them, but he’s ready for action, even to put his life on the line.

Noragami – 10

I apologize for being retarded, but I almost forgot about NORA with my last blog post…she’s one of the big, most foreshadowed plot threads in this entire show! Er, sorry about that. I’m dumb.

Anyway, this week has demonstrated that Yukkine has grown a lot from his past acts of adolescent misbehavior.  He’s started working for Daikoku to help repay them for helping him get through his little, uh, temper tantrum. It’s nice to see Hiyori, Yato, and Yukkine be buddies now that all the angst is out of the way. Yukkine seems to be hanging out with Hiyori as a friend now, as well.

Yato is also interested in FINALLY helping Hiyori regain her body. He’s not sure how but the fellows gods speculate that she can be saved by distancing herself from Yato.

Yes, all’s well and good…except for the fact that Yato took a job on New Year’s Eve. As expected of him, he’s not a very eventful person.  Or very exciting. Or a very good boss. But you can tell that Yukkine is happy to be with him now.

It’s all fun and games until they keep Hiyori waiting at a festival where she agrees to buy them food (The easiest way to get Yato to do what you want). They take a job to kill a phantom on the way and end up slaying tons of them until the crack of dawn. It turns out this is all a setup by Nora, who has contracted the help of the God Rabo. Apparently if you pray to Rabo, he can make anyone you want disappear.  Yikes. Nora is of the belief that Hiyori has made Yato weak, and thus seeks to eliminate her with her phantom wolves. It doesn’t work, but off screen she “does” something to Hiyori. It turns out that thing is make her forget about Yato completely, as when the two meet up with her she doesn’t recognize them at all.

Great. I’m looking forward to seeing this resolved.

Noragami – 9

Yukkine’s massive teenage angst finally comes to a head…and then ends in this episode in the craziest excocism you’ll ever see. What a little shit he was up until the very end, too.

Kofuku and Daikoku agree to help…but only Hiyori for the moment, whom Kofuku cleans with water from their spring. Her blight his healed. Daikoku claims that in order to purify the two of them, Yato must either denounce and dissolve his contract with Yukkine or face a “punishment.”  Ominously worded, indeed.

In order to perform this, Daikoku needs the assistance of two other regalia (Not including himself). He is able to enlist the help of his first regalia, who doesn’t want to see him die. He is unable to find a second. Hiyori hears this and rushes off to find Kazuma.

Kazuma chastises her on her lack of tact as if Bishamon heard her, she’d be dead. He then goes off to help Yato, saying he owes him personally much.

The punishment begins, and Yukkine is put under unbearable pain until he confesses to all the sins he’s committed. He of course, is obstinate and even threatens to kill everyone, causing the phantom on his back to grow worse and worse. Daikoku still holds out hope for Yuki even though the other two, Kazuma included, have already given up on him. Yato musters up the strength to call out his name and Hiyori counts him as a friend, proclaiming that if he kills Yato, one who acts as though he were his father, they’re not friends anymore.

Yukkine finally breaks, cries, and confesses to stealing, attempting to molest Hiyori (when did that happen? I remember a lot of teenage-boy sexual tension but that’s about it), lying a lot, and other things. The purification is successful and Yato’s blight is gone. They thank all the other regalia and Daikoku and Kofuku for their assistance.

Yato mentions that if it weren’t for Hiyori, they would be dead several times over. They owe her their lives. Hiyori is such a good girl, isn’t she?

All is well. Where does the show go from here, now that Yukkine’s story is solved? I’m assuming Bishamon is the endgame. We’ll see!

Noragami – 8

Yukine’s angst hits full terminal velocity as Yato’s blight continues to worsen to the point of no return this episode.

We can see that Bishamon is still on the hunt for Yato this episode as she pays a visit to Kofuku’s residence to attempt to put an end to the wells of phantoms that have popped up recently (Recall that, two episodes prior, Kofuku herself was responsible for the creation of one of these). Bishamon brings up the inevitable question of her relation to Yato, saying she wasn’t aware they were friends. Kofuku proclaims she is while Bishamon muses as to whether or not Kofuku is trying to protect Yato from her. Kofuku gets surprisingly scary and threatens Bishamon by letting her know that if anything happened to Yato, she’d come after her. Wow. Way to go Kofuku! Gotta love her otherwise carefree attitude!

Yato takes on a client this episode who is nothing but a high school boy who is getting repeatedly bullied. Yato entrusts with him the power to end his suffering and give up his humanity in exchange by killing the bullies; a surprising thing for him to do, indeed! Yato gives him a switchblade (I am NOT making this up) and instructs him to give his enemy a blade as well. While the boy comes dangerously close to sullying his hands in blood, he stops just short, makes the other kid wet himself, and comes to his senses. Yato reveals he was watching all along and would have intervened before things got too out of hand. See? Not such a bad guy after all!

Yukine, meanwhile, claims Yato doesn’t understand him and goes off to look in the classrooms. He ruminates as to whether or not he enjoyed a normal school life when he was still alive. It isn’t long before he longs to have friends like the ones he sees around him. Yato continues to bear the brunt of his angst as his blight grows even bigger and more painful. Yukine starts screaming and breaking shit for no good reason other than the realization he could never have that sort of life. Hiyori, being the big girl, picks up the now unconscious Yato, gives Yukine a quick mommy scolding and rushes off to Kofuku and her husbando (As per Yato’s earlier instructions). Kofuku’s husband quickly puts up a barrier and refuses to respond or help Hiyori save Yato’s life, although Kofuku herself seems shaken and upset.

I can speculate what his reasons are, and the only thing that comes to mind is that the blight is contagious and he wants it away from Kofuku. That’s about all I’ve got. We’ll find out next week for sure.

Noragami – 7

After seeing Yato is such tough shape last week, it was only a matter of time before we were given the inevitable “Yukine will kill him before something is done” that Bishamon’s regalia has confirmed this week.

This week we are introduced to the concept of a Nora, which is a regalia that has served multiple masters at once without severing their connection to their previous master. The stigma attached to this is to be expected; how can they be trusted, knowing this? Yukine continues to sink lower and lower as he’s caught stealing the donation box at a shop for seriously no good reason. Honestly, anyone know why he actually did that? I know he’s being angsty but what does stealing that even do for him? Make him feel better, I guess?

In any event, I’m really sorry that Yato has to deal with him because he’s really been a little shit the past few weeks. Poor Hiyori is stuck in the middle of all this nonsense. I have to admit it would greatly help things for Yato if he would just explain himself to Yukine. That typically never happens in anime until the “time is right”, as it were.

The ride has been crazy and I can tell we’re ready to reach a head here. Between Bishamon after Yato’s head, Bishamon’s regalia’s strange sense of loyalty towards Yato, and Yato and Yukine’s strained relationship, it’s only a matter of time before something happens. That something is doubtful to be nice.