Noragami – 11

Poor Yato. You never see the guy really open up, but you can tell he’s down because Hiyori can’t remember them. Hiyori, who is genuinly warm-hearted and kind, definitely is a ray of sunshine in both Yukkine’s and Yato’s life.

Both of them desperately try to get her to remember Yato (She hasn’t forgotten Yukkine) through the use of stories and drawings, but they aren’t able to do anything. Yato seems to think that art is the answer; guy is really dedicated. Even Hiyori realizes, after flipping through her notebook, that she did know this “Yato” guy after all (she saw a drawing she made of the three of them).

Yato meets Nora, who reveals she’s stolen Hiyori’s memories of him. In order to get them back, Yato will need to defeat Rabou, who was his fellow “God of calamity” back in the day. Clearly unhinged and extremely powerful, Yato fights to kill against him as he tries to get Yato to “remember” something, almost hauntingly. Thankfully, our friend Yukkine is always there to snap him to his senses. Unable to defeat Rabou, he taunts them into fighting him again later, or else he will never return Hiyori’s memories.

Yato decides that it’s for the better that Hiyori doesn’t remember them; after all, distancing herself from them should restore her human form. She shouldn’t be caught up in the matters of a god, anyway. Yukkine, being the good little brother he is, thinks differently and works on a picture book chronicling the entire show to this point. He shows it to Hiyori in a touching scene where she loves every minute of it, even if she still doesn’t remember who Yato is. After Yuki’s done, she requests to hold onto it, hoping it might help her remember something.

Just as it seems hope returns, it leaves again; As Hiyori grabs the book, she forgets who Yukkine is and what had just transpired. Horrified, Yuki runs. Nora reveals her memories are completely slipping away and it won’t be long until nothing is left. Despite thinking he’s giving them exactly what they want (and that it might kill Yuki), Yato decides he has no decision but to fight them.

Yukkine cries his heart out at the thought Hiyori has forgotten them, but he’s ready for action, even to put his life on the line.

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