Hamatora – 11

The beginning of this episode was some of the most hilarious shit in the world. When Nice entered the cafe, I nearly had forgotten what had transpired last episode.

Then it panned over to Morale, who was accompanying Nice into the cafe. Wait what the fuck.

ARE YOU SERIOUS? I know that, narrative wise, the show is playing this up for “big lulz” but this is an incredibly stupid move for Nice to make; sure, Morale is unlikely to try to kill Nice given that he pretty much worships him, but what about mini-kokonoe and the bar keep? He’ll slice their head off if the opportunity is right!

Morale and Nice exchange some paltry bullshit (just kidding, it was actually pretty interesting) about the weak and the strong, and what each of their goal is. While Nice conceded that there is nothing wrong with wanting power, he adds that it is entirely in how you use it that matters. It seems that Nice and Morale are quite amiable with one another, despite the fact that I’m sure Nice is aware he killed Art. Nice claims he is partial to people who don’t have power but try their best anyway. Morale claims to not understand these people, and then we hit the crux of the matter: Nice doesn’t think anybody has the right to determine who is strong and who isn’t. Morale takes his leave, threatening to kill kokonoe if he isn’t allowed to leave unharmed. Good job bringing in bystanders into your conflict, Nice.

Meanwhile, Murasaki is kicking the shit out the minimum holders. Both physically and verbally assaulting them, he claims he’s in a bad mood and is merely venting his own frusterations to be an equal to Nice. I can’t blame the guy and I really felt for him, and boy was he pissed off. 

Takahiro’s mother becomes the next target of minimum holders due to her annoying, uppity, knee-jerk retarded policies about them. She claims to do it to “keep everyone safe” but she’s just a projecting soccer mom. As much as I hate her, I don’t think she deserves to get her shit blasted to all high heaven or her head bashed in like the unlucky police officer in front of her. Maybe punched up the jaw into a staircase, losing 10 teeth. That’d be good enough for me.

Takahiro comes to a realization about what strength really means after listening to Murasaki and comes to his mother’s aid. She does recognize him, believe it or not. He does some epic shit, transforming even further and does some pretty awesome stuff, messing up the minimum holders with his new powers pretty bad. Eventually, he croaks, defeated. He believes that even if his mother hates him, he’s happy to have protected her; he really did want to live with her again. His mom, not being satan, says how proud she is of him and cries over him. Morale, “moved” by the scene, released Takahiro by having him explode in a blood cloud all over his mother.

Great guy, does he do babysitting.

Nice is finally pissed off enough to go wreck his shit. I CAN’T WAIT.

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