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Hamatora – 12

I find myself saying this a lot, but holy shit what an ending. Winter 2014 was the strongest winter season I’ve seen for anime since I started watching religiously 10 or so years ago.

What’s left to happen in Hamatora? Nothing other than the Art vs Moral smackdown we’ve been waiting for since the third episode or so. Everything ends this episode as Moral injects himself with the forbidden minimum 0 which he obtained from the police headquarters. Obviously, injecting yourself with a second, artificial minimum when you already have one is hella dangerous and extremely stupid (Moral has shown his mental fiber isn’t the most stable). Now considering himself Nice’s equal, the stage is set for the final battle.

It’s interesting how modern Hamatora is, in regards to the use of technology, the meta created by the internet, and the impact it has on a normal person’s daily life. Unfortunately for just about everyone, Moral understands this deeply and that’s likely why he employed the help of a networking specialist. She might be from geek squad. In any event, Art’s partner finds and apprehends her.

Murasaki and Nice confront Moral. Murasaki handles the nameless lackies while Nice confronts the big bad. Moral has stated that by giving Nice a wall, he hopes he is able to attain eternal peace. Moral’s thinking is actually not so crazy; those at the top have no equals and nothing to surpass. By giving Nice a challenge and becoming that wall, he is sating that hunger that those at the top might have, despite Nice’s protests that this isn’t the case. Interesting theory but bat-shit crazy in practice, as Moral has lost it. Nice gets his ass summarily handed to him in the beginning of the fight, especially having his feelings rattled about Art and Takahiro.

The show begins to pull the cliche but still lovable “Everybody, tell MC-kun he can do it!” but then subverts the trope at the last minute; Nice is annoyed and chucks his phone into the drink, telling everyone to shut up. Love this show’s spunk.

He backs off and figures out a counter strategy, which seems to be anticipation of Moral’s teleports. They get into a dragonball z battle pretty much (It’s actually really awesome, but short) and Nice comes out the victor. Moral is coughing up blood, as the effects of using two minimums is finally catching up to him. He’s no threat anymore.

Here’s the kicker: Art enters from the adjacent room on the boat. ART. He’s alive? Not only is he alive, he puts that miserable fucker Moral out of his misery. Although unnecessary, he totally deserved it. Nice is amazed he is alive and questions why it was necessary to kill him, before having a gun put to his head by Art, who pulls the trigger.

What happens next? NO FUCKING CLUE! We got a “to be continued.” Can it even be speculated on what happened, and why? I certainly couldn’t tell you. What a ride this show was, though. Hopefully we’ll find out relatively soon!

Hamatora – 11

The beginning of this episode was some of the most hilarious shit in the world. When Nice entered the cafe, I nearly had forgotten what had transpired last episode.

Then it panned over to Morale, who was accompanying Nice into the cafe. Wait what the fuck.

ARE YOU SERIOUS? I know that, narrative wise, the show is playing this up for “big lulz” but this is an incredibly stupid move for Nice to make; sure, Morale is unlikely to try to kill Nice given that he pretty much worships him, but what about mini-kokonoe and the bar keep? He’ll slice their head off if the opportunity is right!

Morale and Nice exchange some paltry bullshit (just kidding, it was actually pretty interesting) about the weak and the strong, and what each of their goal is. While Nice conceded that there is nothing wrong with wanting power, he adds that it is entirely in how you use it that matters. It seems that Nice and Morale are quite amiable with one another, despite the fact that I’m sure Nice is aware he killed Art. Nice claims he is partial to people who don’t have power but try their best anyway. Morale claims to not understand these people, and then we hit the crux of the matter: Nice doesn’t think anybody has the right to determine who is strong and who isn’t. Morale takes his leave, threatening to kill kokonoe if he isn’t allowed to leave unharmed. Good job bringing in bystanders into your conflict, Nice.

Meanwhile, Murasaki is kicking the shit out the minimum holders. Both physically and verbally assaulting them, he claims he’s in a bad mood and is merely venting his own frusterations to be an equal to Nice. I can’t blame the guy and I really felt for him, and boy was he pissed off. 

Takahiro’s mother becomes the next target of minimum holders due to her annoying, uppity, knee-jerk retarded policies about them. She claims to do it to “keep everyone safe” but she’s just a projecting soccer mom. As much as I hate her, I don’t think she deserves to get her shit blasted to all high heaven or her head bashed in like the unlucky police officer in front of her. Maybe punched up the jaw into a staircase, losing 10 teeth. That’d be good enough for me.

Takahiro comes to a realization about what strength really means after listening to Murasaki and comes to his mother’s aid. She does recognize him, believe it or not. He does some epic shit, transforming even further and does some pretty awesome stuff, messing up the minimum holders with his new powers pretty bad. Eventually, he croaks, defeated. He believes that even if his mother hates him, he’s happy to have protected her; he really did want to live with her again. His mom, not being satan, says how proud she is of him and cries over him. Morale, “moved” by the scene, released Takahiro by having him explode in a blood cloud all over his mother.

Great guy, does he do babysitting.

Nice is finally pissed off enough to go wreck his shit. I CAN’T WAIT.

Hamatora – 10

The inevitable meeting of two minds that we’ve been waiting for for a long time….

And so begin the endgame. Actually, the endgame had already begun last episode and I just didn’t notice.

That’s right; the big “Three” scandal was all part of Moral’s plan to expose the mostly unknown life and existence of minimum holders, which he has now successfully done and started riots reminisicent of Psycho Pass, end of cour one. Poor Three has to act as though he’s on the lamb in order to avoid drawing suspicion, and of course, being the good guy he is totally blames himself for all that has happened. It’s not your fault, Three.

Moral’s men and women begin taking the streets with their minimums and indiscriminately killing, to make matters worse. This has caused people to not only become aware of minimum holders but discriminate against them, causing riots and even MORE killing. Great! And to make matter worse, Honey and Three are unable to get the kids a new home as they are taken into custody by the old hag from the Takahiro episode.

Speaking of Takahiro…He’s back! Thanks to Moral’s men he’s been released from the minimum prison and his mind has returned. That said, he wants his old body back. Nice for some reason doesn’t want to help him and is a huge jerk about it. Thankfully, Murasaki wants to help him and both Takahiro and Hajime go on a diet, spurred on by Murasaki. That was about the end of the nice things this episode though.

Moral has further excacerbated the situation by calling out the people shit talking minimum holders and exposing their location for retribution from current minimum holders; he’s both created the problem and “resolved” it!

Becoming increasingly concerned about Art, Nice finally pays him a visit. Of course, he’s not there. Nice puts two and two together when he sees black coffee on his counter, which he knows he hates. He steps up to the roof and the inevitable meeting finally begins.

Moral’s programming friend questions someone on screen, wondering what he would think of this meeting. I’m assuming it’s Art’s dead body.

Excited for what happens next!

Hamatora – 9

“I am the beast”

The primary focus of this episode was Three, who apparently was a mercenary previously known as the “Bloody Beast”.

This week, Morale keeps up his appearance as Art to move around HQ. Morale is cautious of letting Nice meet him as he knows his disguise won’t hold up if he ends up speaking to him in person. He feels that even a phone call is risky. His first order of business is to remove Honey and Three from the Morale case, which outrages Honey but Three simply accepts.

Nice is also hot on Morale’s trail and has surmised that he has an accomplice and whoever he’s working with must be a skilled programmer, given the nature of the minimum powers he’s been handing out like candy.

Anyways, back to Three; seemingly as a way of atonement, the man has set up an orphanage out of the kids who’s parents he’s killed. However, Three reveals this is not the case; he was brought up in a way that teaches that vengeance is justice. Essentially, Three is raising each of these kids to kill him someday as his atonement; he feels this is what he deserves and it’s not so noble. Thankfully, Honey slaps him to his senses and reminds him of his promise to protect her forever. I love these two! She promptly goes back to this kids, gives them plenty of warm fuzzy feeling to stew over and reads them a book. Good going Honey!

The press is all over this “Bloody Beast” is raising kids in an orphanage thing and it’s spurred on by a mercenary who has formed an idealized version of Three from the stories. He’s pissed off, more or less, that Three is doing something nice and not “living up to his name.” So, he attempts to kill the kids to live out that fantasy. Thankfully, Nice and the others put a quick end to his plot.

Morale appears to be on the move, as several of his “followers?” are dispatched at the end of the episode. More news at 11: Morale is batshit crazy.

Hamatora – 8

This week brings us Okinawa and introduces us to a drug called Ideal which puts its users into an eternal slumber. The Hamatora are not far behind and pose once again as Theo’s teacher’s in order to get a free flight. Nice is a cheap bastard.

Moral, now having completed his “Snatch” of Art, is posing as him and using his identity to do dumb evil shit. Moral is not the focus this episode as featured a bit more prominently is Murasaki and his slight inferiority complex to Nice, who has all but usurped his position as number 1. Murasaki lets us in on a secret; he’s always excelled and easily been the best at anything he’s accomplished until Nice came along. Again, Nice has obstructed yet another person in their goals and taken possession of their attention. Quite an interesting one, he is.

In the pursuit of the creator of Ideal, the Hamatora’s client reveals that it is his brother who is creating the drug. Nice speculates that people use it as an escape. Yes, Nice, drugs are usually used improperly for that purpose. Eventually, they find that their client’s brother has already taken his own drug and succumbed to eternal slumber. Murasaki chides him for being “pathetic” and not dealing with reality as he has, revealing a bit of an inferiority complex he houses to Nice. An interesting spin on his character.

Lots of silliness ensues when a bunch of thugs with the trademark pompador challenge Theo to the triathalon, which promises a lot of “Bitter melon patties”. Apparently Okinawa is known for this bitter melon which Nice was unable to track down so naturally, he’s down for this shit. Unfortunately for Theo and the gang, the Okinawan’s have hired pretty much every other minimum user we know, including Ratio, Birthday, Three, and Honey. Great!

One by one they are weeded out in the competition until Nice and Murasaki, revealed to have been secretly competing all along, are left. Murasaki puts forth a valiant effort but still loses to Nice, accepting his loss but unwilling to admit that he’s better. Like true bros, they shake it out and all is well. Their struggle also rouses their client’s brother to awaken and the episode ends very happily…Although I was waiting for them to explain or at least postulate on why he woke up? I thought they couldn’t awaken from ideal..also, what does this mean for the other victims? Ah, who cares, it was a happy ending!

The very last scene of the episode shows us that Moral is ready to perform, I’m assuming, minimum inducing surgery on patients that he’s abused his new identity as Art to accomplish. Who is his accomplice, anyway? That weird looking lady.

With few episodes left, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the inevitable showdown between Nice and Moral occurs. Hope it’s sooner than later!

Hamatora – 7

Right from the beginning, this episode had the machinations to be the end of Art. It’s never a good thing when your episode begins with major flashbacks and exposition of a character’s motivations and reasons for “trying so hard” and etc.

Our friend Art is not exempt from this rule, as it so turns out.

A confrontation set in motion since Art and Morale’s meeting in the third episode comes to a very final conclusion in this one. Art is revealed by Honey to have been the first and likely only person to graduate from the Minimum Academy that has never been able to manifest a minimum. If this guy isn’t brooding an extreme inferiority complex then he’s a strong ass dude. But as the past has shown us, he in fact has fought that urge as anyone in his shoes would.

Honey’s partner in crime actually took Art under his wing as his kouhai in physical combat; Art was hoping to compensate for his lack of a supernatural ability by strengthening his bare-handed combat. Congratulating him on a job well done, they take a break.

Art, still determined to keep Nice and Morale from ever meeting, connects Morale and his latest hits with a graveyard. Surely enough, Morale was waiting. Attempting to discern what Morale’s true intentions are by pumping out non-innate minimum holders is, he finally tells all. It’s lonely at the top and at the top, there are no equals. His ultimate goal is to become Nice’s equal and “save” him from that despair. Having none of Morale’s bullshit, Art rushes him and is easily conquered.

And here comes what I’m sure everyone saw coming. Morale offers Art the chance at having a minimum of his own. Art clearly contemplates but declines (Nice going, Art!). Ultimately, it doesn’t matter; he is stabbed and shot, repeatedly. Art meets his untimely demise while reaching for his phone to answer Nice’s call.

Art couldn’t stop Morale and Nice from meeting each other. Nice is going to have a bone to pick with Morale and I’m sure it’s not going to be pretty. I except to go straight into the endgame at this point. I must also say that the pacing for this series has been pretty damn solid and I’ve been presently surprised with how uninterested it is in sitting on it’s laurels. Brace yourself, Morale; with blood on your hands, your days are numbered.