Hamatora – 9

“I am the beast”

The primary focus of this episode was Three, who apparently was a mercenary previously known as the “Bloody Beast”.

This week, Morale keeps up his appearance as Art to move around HQ. Morale is cautious of letting Nice meet him as he knows his disguise won’t hold up if he ends up speaking to him in person. He feels that even a phone call is risky. His first order of business is to remove Honey and Three from the Morale case, which outrages Honey but Three simply accepts.

Nice is also hot on Morale’s trail and has surmised that he has an accomplice and whoever he’s working with must be a skilled programmer, given the nature of the minimum powers he’s been handing out like candy.

Anyways, back to Three; seemingly as a way of atonement, the man has set up an orphanage out of the kids who’s parents he’s killed. However, Three reveals this is not the case; he was brought up in a way that teaches that vengeance is justice. Essentially, Three is raising each of these kids to kill him someday as his atonement; he feels this is what he deserves and it’s not so noble. Thankfully, Honey slaps him to his senses and reminds him of his promise to protect her forever. I love these two! She promptly goes back to this kids, gives them plenty of warm fuzzy feeling to stew over and reads them a book. Good going Honey!

The press is all over this “Bloody Beast” is raising kids in an orphanage thing and it’s spurred on by a mercenary who has formed an idealized version of Three from the stories. He’s pissed off, more or less, that Three is doing something nice and not “living up to his name.” So, he attempts to kill the kids to live out that fantasy. Thankfully, Nice and the others put a quick end to his plot.

Morale appears to be on the move, as several of his “followers?” are dispatched at the end of the episode. More news at 11: Morale is batshit crazy.

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