Golden Time – 22

Fuck you, ED theme. Just fuck you.

That episode was the holy torrential of shit where nobody escaped from getting extremely upset or figuratively fucked in all ways, shapes, forms, and angles. Viewed from certain space/times, it is entirely possible that the entire universe internally sucked into Golden Time at this very moment.

Where to even START with this one. Well, the beginnings as good a place as any. Banri decides to wait, hoping Koko will return after her small little “Break up” speech, but she does not. Instead, she sends her father to pick Banri up, and they have a little talk with one another. Her father reveals that Koko asked him a question about anti-anxiety pills. Banri begins to blame himself.

Later, Banri meets up with Nana, who by the way is freaking awesome. I was cheering for her the whole time to be a bro, because Banri doesn’t have anyone to help him now. She does, and even admits that she likes him quite a bit. It was a nice moment where she threatened to kill him, as usual, and provided a nice pep talk. She recommends trying to talk to Koko again tomorrow.

The next part hits very close to home because, in my own relationship, this was a re-ocurring nightmare I had when Melissa and myself were a new couple; after a breakup, you coldly go back to being friends as though it never happened. The way it’s laid out in this episode is intentionally confusing; Banri goes back, Koko approaches him and apologizes. Eventually, 2D let’s it slip that Banri made her a coffee “Infused with love” to which she coldly responds “we broke up.” Sends chills down my spine, I don’t know how to explain it, but it probably has to do with my own insecurities. Just knowing that someone you were once so close to get’s “reset” as though nothing had ever happened between you…I don’t know how to explain it as anything other than possibly the absolute worst feeling in a broad range of emotions that one could ever experience in a lifetime.

Banri calls her out on her shit but you can tell she’s snapping underneath her “I’m over it” facade; she’s likely trying to convince herself more than anyone else. I suspect it’s a “I can’t be with him if he’s going to get better” kind of thing. Yana jumps to Banri’s defense against Koko. Let me say something; Banri has the goddamn best friends ever. These guys are so supportive and awesome to him. Man, I was so happy when Yana got up and supported him. 2D was greatly concerned with Banri before going to class. Seriously, what great guys.

Chinami also sticks around and talks to Banri, and they bond a bit. He asks her to record him for their school festival, and thus he talks about how he got dumped.

Later, at the festival club, all hell breaks loose, and seriously this is one of the most emotionally damaging scenes I think I’ve ever seen, and I have over 200 anime series in my personal catalog. Linda is absolute livid when she finds out what happened between them and Banri’s seemingly apethy. She encourages him and even assaults him into chasing after her. It probably has to do with her own feelings; seeing Banri give up after Linda has accepted them as a couple is hard on her. Eventually, Yana and Koko come in and Banri explains all, as poor Linda is sobbing in the corner.  To make matters even somehow fucking WORSE, Yana is pissed that he kept it a secret.

AND THEN TO MAKE IT EVEN WORSE, Koko hands in her resignation to the club. Banri snatches it away and gives her a glare as she walks off.

Holy shit. Please tell me this is going to get better for everyone extremely soon. Please?

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