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Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu Ka? – 8 – 12 (END)

I know, I know. For so long, so many of you have likely been wondering when the biggest question I’ve ever posed would be answered. That is, when will you find out whether the order is a rabbit?

Was it a rabbit? Maybe a goat? Perhaps it was spaghetti with marinara. Was the order a rabbit or not? For weeks, months even, I have neglected to answer this question in order to keep you waiting in earnest (because I am an asshole).

I am pleased to announce that the order was indeed a rabbit. Gentlemen, this is what we as a human race have been striving f- okay fuck this, being histrionic is losing its appeal to me very quickly.

So what can I say about this show? The last four episodes were, quite honestly, the best four episodes in the entire series. More than ever before did I find myself watching in earnest to see how my favorite little blobs would end up interacting. It went from a “fun” SOL to an absolutely, brutally cute and endearing one. I absolutely love our busty, mature writer – she’s so cute and floaty. This is a bit less objective, but Chiya and the writer woman are my absolute two favorites. They’re just so damn cute, seriously.

We’ve seen them celebrate christmas, scramble for presents, grow closer, learn more about each other, idolize one another, work together, and play together – The “Rabbit” family is a tight knit one that got closer than family in the last few episodes (Can’t forget about Chino’s classmates, both of whom are adorable). I feel like it took us too long to meet and become familiar with all of them and once we were, they were gone. It was over.

Uh, Rabbit? I’m not done yet, please give me my friends back. Chiya, miss writer, Cocoa, Chino, Rize? I’ll miss you. Please come back home soon. Love, your dad.

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? – 5 – 7

Yes, yes, I realize I’m combining several episodes rather than just two this time – but I must confess that I am sorely behind in my schedule and I need to catch up, big time. This show is so cute to the point that I think you world would be a little sadder if you missed it – so I can’t help but talk briefly about it.

Actually just kidding, let’s just talk about how wonderful Chiya is since she’s the best thing about this show (and there are many, many good things about this show). She’s cute, kind, amiable, patient, and always sees the good in others and the world around her. Plus in that little apron, she multiplies all of these factors several times over. I wish I lived next door to Chiya. She could make me a latte anytime. Maybe I’d even go over if I needed that extra bit of milk for the cookies I’m making. Maybe we’d play Charades on Thursday nights. Maybe we’d get slammed on mondays. Who knows?

Ok, enough about Chiya (for maybe the next three minutes). Who is that mysterious blonde lady that shows up for maybe a brief minute in every episode? When will we finally get to meet her, proper? I’m intensly interested – she seems like a sweet lady.

I loved the whole bit where Rize was passing out fliers that were labeled incorrectly by our absentminded heroine, Cocoa. Usually the lackluster english gets a pass in Japan but here it seems to have been recognized by our young cast fairly quickly. The improper use of “horse” made me choke up a fair bit of my drink. These are the sorts of moments you really remember once a great SOL is over. Anyone else surprised that Rize didn’t notice the horrid grammar? She’s usually pretty sharp!

A great SOL is about great characters, their relationships, and their growth as friends. While Usagi has done such in more subtle ways than most, I have to say it’s done a decent job. Loving it so far and I’ll be sure to pick it up once it’s released stateside.

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? – 4

I’m beginning to think I bit off a bit more than I could chew taking on so many shows this season – between getting engaged and other life activities (AMV for Otakon), I’ve hardly had anytime to watch these shows save blog about them or say anything remotely interesting. That said, I will do my very best anyway, for whatever that matters.

Being short is a struggle – being in constant contact with another who is short has shown me the daily struggles they must endure. One of those situations involves a common scenario: Need to reach something high on a shelf? You are out of luck. While we’re on that subject, it’s probably a good idea to never work in a restaurant if you are short – they are NOT made for short people at all. Of course, I am referring to Sharo attempting to reach the, uh, turtle broth on the top shelf in the grocery store only to be saved by Rize who mistakes their activity as a “new training regiment”. Oh dear.

Of the most note this episode was the activity of telling one’s fortune through coffee – I wasn’t aware this was a thing but given the Japanese penchant to tell fortunes, it doesn’t surprise me one bit. Cocoa makes some wildly outrageous fortunes that all come true in some capacity; while it was a bit predictable, it was still hilarious to see in action. I don’t think I’d ever grow tired of such antics.

Sharo is surprisingly smart – or is it really that surprising at all? She seems responsible despite her scatterbrained-ness and we know that in anime land, that means you’re booksmart and have good habits. Also – Cocoa as a lawyer? Hmm, sounds like someone else I know…. I wonder who it could be? She knows who she is.

Loving the lazy pace of this show and enjoying the beautiful scenery. It might be nothing totally special or anything radically unique, but I still enjoy it for what it is rather than what it isn’t – and honestly, I find that’s the best way to watch any show. The point of life is to be happy after all, is it not? Why not take away all the good you can from something? Not saying you should watch bad shows – but even decent shows will likely have something to offer you. This show is more than decent though – it’s a nice breather from a busy week.

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? – 3

What is a SOL without a bit of hero-worship bordering on the evil side of yuri? Enter Sharo Kirima, neighbor and childhood friend of the adorable Chiya. She’s uh, a student at the elite school Rize attends but unlike what everyone thinks, she’s actually poor as dirt and lacks the refined mannerisms of a rich young lady. She also seems to like Rize quite a bit – bordering a bit on the yuri side. It could just be simple hero worship but it sometimes becomes more than just that when Sharo is blushing like mad. It’s cute for some reason, though.

I am completely unsurprised that Chiya has the ability to make friends so easily when she’s so amiable and kind, but I must confess that watching her reactions to Sharo are highly entertaining.

Each episode that goes by I’m further convinced that Rize is Kagami after a growth spurt and an art style change. Somehow she escaped the Lucky Star universe, killed Tsukasa, and started a new life – even took up gunsmanship as a new hobby! But she can’t fool us; that demeanor, temperament, handling of the MC, slightly loneliness, responsibility….You’re Kagami. Please, just admit it. All of the personality traits just blend together too perfectly.

It seems that the show is abiding by a strict diet of one new character a week. I love all the characters that have been introduced so far but I’m beginning to feel a bit inundated – let me digest who we’ve met thus far before continuing to introduce anyone else, there’s much we have yet to learn about them!

SOL’s usually have sleepover episodes but I found myself looking forward to this one; when done properly it’s a character building exercise that leaves you smiling.

Off topic (I know I’m REALLY meandering this post) but the MGS reference with the rations was worth a bit more than a chuckle. It doesn’t surprise me that Rize would be a fan of those games – I bet she’d like to participate in a real mission involving espionage.

My final words – Cocoa, weeds are not herbal supplements, but thank you for the laugh.

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka – 2

It’s usagi time once again and this time – it actually IS a rabbit, holy shit-wait what the hell does that mean? I don’t know.

Anyways, our cute derps are derping it up again this week; such blob activities consist of wandering around town, getting lost, thinking it’s a school day when in fact, school doesn’t start until the following day, and being dumb but cute. Our favorite lovable idiot, while meandering around town, meets a girl from a rival restaurant who is just too cute for words – just lookit her! The girl goes by Chiya Ujimatsu, and she runs her own coffee shop with her family across the town. Apparently, Chino and the rabbit house cafe were once rivals with this young girl long ago, but that is all in the past at this point. I don’t think I could see Chino harboring much of a grudge.

Let me make a note about Chiya’s rabbit and Chino’s grandfather – being a male soul in a female body is probably extremely terrifying. Holy shit – I think her grandfather would be a lot happier as a disembodied spirit that got to play pranks on people or perhaps even a window curtain. I mean, there’s a lot to see out windows. And breezes and stuff. You might occasionally get opened or closed. Maybe someday you’ll even get taken down for being too dirty and thro-Ok, I’m beginning to see the drawbacks to being a window curtain.

I feel like the “Latte Art” concept in this show is it’s “moment.” I’ve said some ineffectual, vague bullshit on this blog before but I realize this takes the cake, so let me explain briefly. By the moment, take for example, Lucky Star – everyone that has seen this wonderful show (which I must do a write-up on at some point) remembers Tsukasa when she first received her cell phone. That was The Moment from that show that everyone remembers and became a small phenomenon (and Niconico douga meme – I love those guys) in itself. While I’m not sure if the whole “Latte Art” is as strong or memorable as the aforementioned Lucky Star moment – it’s probably the closest thing we’ve got and feels much the same to me.

It’s worth noting that Sentai Filmworks has licensed this show. I love those guys – I’ll be sure to pick it up whenever it’s released. When you’re getting married and your friend is getting married, i.e. you’ve got tons of shit going on in your life, it’s nice to take a step back, relax for a moment and watch some SOL. This show fills that void in my heart and I can safely call it a success as a result.

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? – 1


So, bunnies. Let’s talk about them. As chinese cartoon afficionado’s, we’re familiar with several types of bunnies. Some bunnies are of the Aoi variety. Some bunnies drop. Some bunnies are vampire loli’s with some sick ass corner mixups and george XIII oki shit. Uh, I think that concludes our talk on bunnies for now.

Anyways, I should probably talk about the show, huh? Ok, maybe not! Haha, gotcha!

Seriously though, we should probably talk about the show. This show is damn cute and doesn’t seem to venture to do anything we haven’t seen before in a moe SOL. What sets it apart, in my opinion? The setting. It has a very turn-of-the-century bloody ol’ England feel to it that makes everything feel quaint but yet adorable. It a set of funny circumstances, our main blob ends up living with the family of Nu-13 in her coffee shop, where she learns about how to do things like make latte art, which I was not aware was actually “a thing.”

Save our main blob and Nu, there is also our tsukkomi/tsundere pig-tails girl who is, in fact, quite lonely. She reminds me strong of our friend Noire from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series. She has her moments, but the show makes note that she is only a part timer; once it’s lights out, the girls part ways until tomorrow. What makes this bunny coffee shop badass?

At night it turns into a bar. Pretty freaking cool. Interestingly enough, the girl’s grandpa is apparently a fluffy little critter that resembles a single peep after being in the microwave for a bit too long. I wonder how that happened? I wasn’t expecting any fantasy in the series but I look at that as a gateway for wacky SOL hijinks hahaha.

The show is cute to a fault. They’re already like sisters despite just having met. I’d be more than content for a cute SOL show; nothing else is really necessary. We’ll take some well-handled drama if you’re serving it though.