Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka – 2

It’s usagi time once again and this time – it actually IS a rabbit, holy shit-wait what the hell does that mean? I don’t know.

Anyways, our cute derps are derping it up again this week; such blob activities consist of wandering around town, getting lost, thinking it’s a school day when in fact, school doesn’t start until the following day, and being dumb but cute. Our favorite lovable idiot, while meandering around town, meets a girl from a rival restaurant who is just too cute for words – just lookit her! The girl goes by Chiya Ujimatsu, and she runs her own coffee shop with her family across the town. Apparently, Chino and the rabbit house cafe were once rivals with this young girl long ago, but that is all in the past at this point. I don’t think I could see Chino harboring much of a grudge.

Let me make a note about Chiya’s rabbit and Chino’s grandfather – being a male soul in a female body is probably extremely terrifying. Holy shit – I think her grandfather would be a lot happier as a disembodied spirit that got to play pranks on people or perhaps even a window curtain. I mean, there’s a lot to see out windows. And breezes and stuff. You might occasionally get opened or closed. Maybe someday you’ll even get taken down for being too dirty and thro-Ok, I’m beginning to see the drawbacks to being a window curtain.

I feel like the “Latte Art” concept in this show is it’s “moment.” I’ve said some ineffectual, vague bullshit on this blog before but I realize this takes the cake, so let me explain briefly. By the moment, take for example, Lucky Star – everyone that has seen this wonderful show (which I must do a write-up on at some point) remembers Tsukasa when she first received her cell phone. That was The Moment from that show that everyone remembers and became a small phenomenon (and Niconico douga meme – I love those guys) in itself. While I’m not sure if the whole “Latte Art” is as strong or memorable as the aforementioned Lucky Star moment – it’s probably the closest thing we’ve got and feels much the same to me.

It’s worth noting that Sentai Filmworks has licensed this show. I love those guys – I’ll be sure to pick it up whenever it’s released. When you’re getting married and your friend is getting married, i.e. you’ve got tons of shit going on in your life, it’s nice to take a step back, relax for a moment and watch some SOL. This show fills that void in my heart and I can safely call it a success as a result.

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