Soul Eater Not! – 3

Do we get some action this week? Actually…yes, we do, albeit just a little. Also intriguing is that we seemed to have gained some actual plot this week as well!

The main focus of this episode is the true witch of the girl’s dorm – the pink haired girl that ended up saving them from the crazed headmistress. The one that took their money, you ask? Yes – the one and the same. No doubt she has practiced the same shtick on others throughout her life there. The episode attempts to paint her in a rather sympathetic light (and has moderate success in doing so with me) because she was just “never able to make any friends.”

We also figured out what the NOT in Soul eater Not! stands for – the short version is that it’s for the non-combatants that wish to use their abilities to better their everyday life. The EAT class is for combatants; in other words, pretty much everyone from the original Soul Eater anime. Also worthy of note is that Meisters and their weapons can take on aliases, and Soul Eater’s name is one of these. I always did think it was a bit too weird to be a normal name. What about the “Evans” part of his name? Is that his real last name? Who the hell knows!

In the grand tradition of evil groups with somewhat cool and slightly cumbersome acronyms as their group name, we find that there is a group called TRAITOR that’s interested in fighting only EAT students. Not sure why, but I’m fairly certain we got a glimpse at their leader this episode. In any event, don’t even walk down an alley alone and then wonder why Terumi is kicking your ass. Thankfully, the two cools bros with flippy hair were there to save the day, and they seem to be badass as all hell. Who are these guys, and is there any reason they are watching after our MC’s other than because they’re cool?

Did I mention that Ox has a crush on the witch? It was nice to see him again – even though I’m fairly certain he really didn’t do much in the original show. Anyways, Ox gives the girls their allowance back, which means they’re rich as shit. Ok, they’re doing pretty well for themselves when you consider that they’ve worked all week though. I’m still watching our little witch – she may have meant no ill will but she still kinda rubbed me the wrong way. We’ll see.

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