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Soul Eater Not! – 7 – 12 (END)

So I never gave my final thoughts on this show (This was around when I was finishing up Super Fighting Bros with Irriadin and things got a bit hectic). Throw that in there with three jobs and the engaged life and there is little time for taiwanese or chinese cartoons. Keep in mind that I ended up finishing this series in early July, so I am going off what I remember about it.

Nothing I’ve ever said on here has been particularly insightful or well thought out but I’m going to attempt to scrape the surface – Soul Eater Not! was a departure in tone that paid off. Whether it was just an excuse to see characters that we know and love remains to be seen but it pulled off a story worthy of the soul eater universe, albeit much smaller in scale but similar in theme. If you enjoyed Soul Eater and love the patented “Cute girls doing cute things,” then there’s a lot for you to appreciate here. Heck, I’d even argue that the latter is not necessary.

There’s what I feel about the series in a broad stroke – let’s talk about other things that don’t really matter. I guess the Gorgon family is full of complete assholes, huh? Interesting to see that the root of almost all evil in this universe spawns from one family (Save the Kishin, of course!)

The scene in the 7th episode with Eternal Feather essentially suiciding was particularly dark for this show but didn’t lack any impact – This pretty much set the show into its endgame, which I quite enjoyed. The last few episodes in particular were straight out of the original show. Let me say that I love it when a show departs or contrasts its original tone as starkly as it is done here. It takes me back to 2006 when I first saw Haruhi and found out that it wasn’t a slice of life show (Nagato’s info dump in the third episode). It pulled the genre out from under me – Haruhi’s genre is one of the best kept secrets about it, in my opinion. I never tell those that have no prior knowledge of it anything about it beyond “It’s a SOL show, you’ll like it, trust me.” Admittedly, that’s a bit of a weak hook, but nobody has ever told me I was doing them a disservice afterwards.

I love the characters. This show even got me to like a prim and proper princess character with a bit of tsun in her, an archetype I’m not usually fond of. Who’d also ever thought that Meme wasn’t forgetting things because she was amazingly stupid but because she was under the influence of a witch’s deep hypnosis? Foreshadowing that was excellently executed and I never saw coming. I’m probably an idiot for not seeing it coming, too. Hindsight is always 20/20 though, so whatever.

Most excitingly? We finally figured out how Cid died, although it was 7 years too late, lol. I always wondered if they killed him just for the sake of effect in episode 4 of the original series (That would be excrutiatingly stupid if so).

Thumbs up for this show, big time.

Soul Eater Not! – 6

“Liz and Patty are assholes.” ~ everyone that ever watched this episode, ever.

I remember that quote, haha good times don’t you remember that too? Of course you do.

Anyone who’s watched the original Soul Eater might recall that Death the Kid’s titular weapons, Liz and Patty, had a backstory that was touched upon just a bit – they once roamed the streets of Brooklyn as partners in crime and took advantage of the weak and powerless until Death the kid showed them the error of their ways. In this episode we saw the reality that backstory paints – they were complete dickheads. It’s somewhat strange but it seems like they’re totally out of character – should they really be so mean, even as criminals? They must have done a complete 180 turn when Death came into the picture – Patty especially is nothing like the semi-retarded happy-go-lucky girl we know her to be.

Perhaps I’m not the best person to ask, also, but shouldn’t Death already be using them as his weapons? In other words, this should have happened already? I guess my Soul Eater timeline is all off. In any event, Tsugumi is deadset on getting the two girls to accept her as a friend, even to dangerous lengths. It shows that Liz and Patty are mean but aren’t evil – even when they had the chance, they chose to spare Tsugumi and her friends when they lost in a back alley duel. They couldn’t be so bad if they did that, right?

Right, essentially. Tsugumi, through much trial and error, does get them to show a humane side by the episode’s end and befriends the both of them. We’ve seen this stunt and this episode before, but it carries a bit more weight when you know the characters in question beforehand, albeit not at this stage in their life. While not entirely imaginative, it was unduly cute.

Soul Eater Not! – 5

So, Kim is a witch. Have we ever known a witch in this series that was actually good? I don’t think so. And no, Blair doesn’t count. Did you forget? She’s not actually a witch at all! (Hence the problem in the first episode of the original Soul Eater series)

Jacqueline seems to have a bit of a crush on Miss Kim – interesting but not entirely unexpected in a show like this! However, later she seems to have sorted her feelings as “confused” and “idol worship” – seems to fit her a bit more. I always liked her but I was surprised at how much we got to know her this week. What a fiery personality lies beneath that figure – er, no pun intended!

I found it quite humorous to see the girls drive Jacqueline closer to Kim in various ways even if they all ended up in failure. Likening the vindictive woman to a tanuki doesn’t seem that far off from the mark! She seems to have evaded any chances at growing closer with our favorite “Straight laced chick” in all instances! I wonder if this means we’ll be seeing more of Jacqueline in the future…

Cid is such a big important dude in this show. While I’m still getting used to the idea of seeing him in human form I gotta say he’s looking pretty damn ghetto. It also seems as though he’s in the loop and aware of TRAITOR’s presence, including the types of students they are attacking. Nobody is sure why, though.

Also, it seems that TRAITOR has begun to make their move. Ever notice how many grinch faces the villains in the soul eater universe make? We should have a grinch face tic-tac-toe or crossword puzzle or something. Everytime you see medusa / TRAITOR girl make a grinch face, you can cross off another or something. Seriously what’s up with that?

So what happens now? Hopefully we get a bit more action next week – it seems as though we switch between character building and action / plot episodes. That is not to say it will necessarily keep that formula – but only time will tell.

Soul Eater Not! – 4

This week, Soul Eater Not got a bit more existential than I was expecting from the show and answered the somewhat typical question many protagonists in fiction ask themselves: Why am I doing this? What do I hope to gain from this? Why am I here, and am I really good at anything? Thankfully, Soul Eater Not does this with some grace; little to no angst with interesting elements intersperced.

This question has been pondered by heroes of fiction probably since the beginning of time. While usually indicative of catharsis, it can sometimes be used as a writing crutch when the author is unsure how to further develop their characters. Thankfully, I feel this is a case of the former rather than the latter. Tsugumi ponders these questions, feeling she lives in the shadows of Meme and Anya, both of whom are dedicated to their craft and naturally gifted. It’s hard not to feel sorry for the poor girl living in the shadow of her two friends. Personally, your raison detre is what you make of it – do you think it’s worth it, does it matter to you? While it’s silly to ponder such questions in relevance to a cartoon show, it is nonetheless interesting to think about and gives you an idea of Tsugumi’s thought process.

There was no further movement on TRAITOR’s part this episode, but that’s ok. Perhaps we needed a week to recupera-ok, given the pace of this show, that’s not necessary, I know, I know.

I felt a bit bad for Tsugumi that Maka didn’t really remember her, but there was something nice about the scene anyway. I’m never one for realism in anime or fiction to begin with but it seems much more likely to me that Maka wouldn’t remember such a brief encounter with someone at the top of the steps anyway. I mean, would you remember some random face in the same situation? I know I sure as hell would not. I hardly remember people I’ve met several times! Hell, I hardly even know you. I don’t even know what I’m writing, or what I even watched actually!

That escalated quickly. Speaking of escalation, I’m not so sure I trust Akane. Sure, it’s possible he was just playing around with Tsugumi’s heartstrings, but I’m not entirely convinced he is innocent – this is especially suspect when you recall that in the previous episode he got the hooded dude working for TRAITOR to buzz off without so much as a warning shot. His weapon seems pretty innocent though, and it did seem like they were corresponding with Sid before and I doubt he’d be dumb enough to be fooled by them. It’s uncertain (and if he wanted to do damage, he could have done it here before backing off), but let’s just say I’ll be keeping an eye on him.

More news as events warrant. Always wanted to end a blog post with that crutch phrase.

Soul Eater Not! – 3

Do we get some action this week? Actually…yes, we do, albeit just a little. Also intriguing is that we seemed to have gained some actual plot this week as well!

The main focus of this episode is the true witch of the girl’s dorm – the pink haired girl that ended up saving them from the crazed headmistress. The one that took their money, you ask? Yes – the one and the same. No doubt she has practiced the same shtick on others throughout her life there. The episode attempts to paint her in a rather sympathetic light (and has moderate success in doing so with me) because she was just “never able to make any friends.”

We also figured out what the NOT in Soul eater Not! stands for – the short version is that it’s for the non-combatants that wish to use their abilities to better their everyday life. The EAT class is for combatants; in other words, pretty much everyone from the original Soul Eater anime. Also worthy of note is that Meisters and their weapons can take on aliases, and Soul Eater’s name is one of these. I always did think it was a bit too weird to be a normal name. What about the “Evans” part of his name? Is that his real last name? Who the hell knows!

In the grand tradition of evil groups with somewhat cool and slightly cumbersome acronyms as their group name, we find that there is a group called TRAITOR that’s interested in fighting only EAT students. Not sure why, but I’m fairly certain we got a glimpse at their leader this episode. In any event, don’t even walk down an alley alone and then wonder why Terumi is kicking your ass. Thankfully, the two cools bros with flippy hair were there to save the day, and they seem to be badass as all hell. Who are these guys, and is there any reason they are watching after our MC’s other than because they’re cool?

Did I mention that Ox has a crush on the witch? It was nice to see him again – even though I’m fairly certain he really didn’t do much in the original show. Anyways, Ox gives the girls their allowance back, which means they’re rich as shit. Ok, they’re doing pretty well for themselves when you consider that they’ve worked all week though. I’m still watching our little witch – she may have meant no ill will but she still kinda rubbed me the wrong way. We’ll see.

Soul Eater Not! – 2

Man, this show is just too damn cute, seriously.

We had no cameos this week but that’s fine; they likely crammed them all in last week to be like “Hey, remember Soul Eater? This show is like that!!! Except not really!! But dude seriously remember these characters, damn our show was awesome *pats self on back*.” I am more than ok with that, but I do kinda miss them. I know pretty much everyone will hate me for saying this (everyone who doesn’t hate me already anyway) but I hope we see more of them!

Our girls made their way to their dorm this week and met the crazy woman that runs the place. And boy, is she one for the loony bin. Murder is apparently a light sentence in these parts as she seems to get away with attempted murder quite frequently (and in the middle of the night, nonetheless). I thought she was creepy from the first moment we saw her; must have been the fox eyes.

Our girls actually go and get a job, not unlike our fellow usagi’s. Why? The one chick that bailed them out very unkindly asked them to cough up their entire allowance. What does this mean? They have no money at all. Great! Well, they get to dress up in cute uniforms, so I guess it’s not all that bad. Those two “cool guys” from the first episode seem to be keeping watch over them (like true gentlemen!) and decide to get a job with them, which of course causes a bit of sexual tension. While on paper this sounds annoying as shit it was really cute and charming.

Who knew our very own hime-sama actually always wanted to have a part-time job? She probably enjoyed it more than anyone else did. Man, she is so tsun it hurts sometimes. Unlike several other tsunderes, she’s never really come off as annoying to me. I like her. I like all of them though!

Who’d ever thought that combining Azumanga Daioh with Soul Eater would be successful? Ok, they’re certainly not the most unusual combination, but this works better than I care to admit. Looking forward to the next episode!

Soul Eater Not! – 1

Let me first mention how much I love the title of this show. They were probably like “Hey, this is set in the soul eater universe. But there’s no action and it’s about stuff dat isn’t as serious!” “Haha, it’s like Soul Eater, except not!

There’s the title! Haha, it’s not soul eater, but it’s kinda like it, funny title right.

Anyways, the show is surprisingly cute and likeable. Remember Maka and Black Star? They’re moe as shit now. They are so blobby they would melt under direct sunlight. Given this is the show’s style, I am okay with this; I feel as though it’s done tastefully to fit the theme of the show. Our main characters meet under unlikely circumstances (don’t ALL main characters, what a riot) and quickly become friends. Interestingly enough, only one of them is a weapon while the other two are meisters. So who’s going to wield the weapon? The episode does nothing to address this and instead has the two meisters fighting over her possession at the very end.

It was nice seeing all our friends again after 6 or so years and I’m looking forward to this new adventure in the soul eater universe. While I’m at it, let me mention that the show also addressed the awkward “Wait, this is in North America right?” thing, including how it plays into normal life, which I thought was quite interesting.

While I love the show, it just deepens the feeling in me that we should get a “brotherhood”-esque re-invisioning of Soul Eater that’s more accurate to the source material. Although I must admit, I do love what we got.

Where do we go from here? Like, shenanigans and antics! I mean that in the best way. I’m quite excited for more of this show.