Soul Eater Not! – 1

Let me first mention how much I love the title of this show. They were probably like “Hey, this is set in the soul eater universe. But there’s no action and it’s about stuff dat isn’t as serious!” “Haha, it’s like Soul Eater, except not!

There’s the title! Haha, it’s not soul eater, but it’s kinda like it, funny title right.

Anyways, the show is surprisingly cute and likeable. Remember Maka and Black Star? They’re moe as shit now. They are so blobby they would melt under direct sunlight. Given this is the show’s style, I am okay with this; I feel as though it’s done tastefully to fit the theme of the show. Our main characters meet under unlikely circumstances (don’t ALL main characters, what a riot) and quickly become friends. Interestingly enough, only one of them is a weapon while the other two are meisters. So who’s going to wield the weapon? The episode does nothing to address this and instead has the two meisters fighting over her possession at the very end.

It was nice seeing all our friends again after 6 or so years and I’m looking forward to this new adventure in the soul eater universe. While I’m at it, let me mention that the show also addressed the awkward “Wait, this is in North America right?” thing, including how it plays into normal life, which I thought was quite interesting.

While I love the show, it just deepens the feeling in me that we should get a “brotherhood”-esque re-invisioning of Soul Eater that’s more accurate to the source material. Although I must admit, I do love what we got.

Where do we go from here? Like, shenanigans and antics! I mean that in the best way. I’m quite excited for more of this show.

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