Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 1

Ok, before I begin, I want to highlight the superficial process that enters my mind when choosing what anime to watch for a season. Step 1: Look at anime chart. What is Production IG/Bones/JC Staff doing this season? Oh hey, that looks cool! Step 2: Anything that does not follow into category one will be determined soley by badass art style, sequel continuation of show I’ve seen previously, or cool cover photo. Congrats, I am now the worst ever!

Brynhildr is actually pretty interesting for something that appears to be steeped in the ordinary if one were to judge solely by the description. This wouldn’t be fair. Enter our blonde haired MC who enjoys looking at the stars and is constantly haunted by the death of a childhood friend whom he blames himself for. He didn’t know her very well but was enchanted by her nonetheless; the only thing besides her supposed name (Which is Kuroneko) that he can recall is her strange moles under her armpit.

Enter the present where a girl very similar to the younger one I just described appears. So, what’s her deal? Apparently she isn’t Kuroneko despite the similarities and lo and behold – she’s a magician! Wait…this is sounding familiar. Yup, except this show is actually good; the first episode delivered enough intrigue to pique my curiosity. Why is “pique” only used in conjunction with the word curiosity? Can someone give me an example sentence that utilizes this word differently?

Apparently our Kuroneko lookalike is able to (directly or indirectly; it is uncertain) predict the deaths of others. This leads to an interesting first episode with a surprisingly dark twist. Where do we go from here? I feel as though we’ve barely gotten a full teaspoon worth of content from this show. My knee-jerk reaction is that it’s taken a simple, done-before premise and made it quite interesting. Consider me intrigued.

Oh, and apparently the man behind Elfen Lied made this. I’ve never seen Elfen Lied.

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