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Golden Time – 24

Wow. What a great show this was.

Before I begin, let me say that I am the kind of person that is willing to forgive something for not being believable as long as it’s happy, because A) I am objectively the worst person at judging literary worth and writing in the world B) I just want everybody to be okay, even if they aren’t even real C) I am objectively an idiot. Angel beats is the biggest case-in-point for me in regards to this principle. Anyways, with that out of the way….

We have to witness Banri’s friends all crying a river in the beginning of the episode once they realize he’s finally reverted and forgotten everyone, just as he said. While it was a slow burn, it didn’t make this fact any easier to deal with, and it’s hard seeing all our friends (Kaga especially) being so down over it.

Later, Banri sits in his apartment room, cleaning up his college stuff (as he’s going to withdraw) and realizes somebody pretending to be him is sending emails to Kaga. Confused, he battles with this other Banri who tells him “Not to give up, ever.”

THE FEELS. The first half of the episode delivers what I believe the cruelest scene I have ever seen this side of nipponese curtoons lul. Later, Banri enjoy dinner with Linda and the two have seemingly reverted to as they were in high school, complete with Banri exclaiming that he still has feelings for Linda. We have to watch painfully as Banri greets Kaga at the door and mistakes her for Chinami, and even hands her the mirror she lovingly put in a bag of DVD’s she lent from him. Confused, he hands it back to her and doesn’t recognize it. Ouch, this scene hurt like hell. Kaga walks off, and as Banri coldly goes back in, he realizes the mirror in his room is not the right one.

Then, it snaps back to him. He remembers everything. As I suspected, Kaga is the trigger that reverts him to his old self. Now having both combined memories, he runs after her. Linda meets him halfway, throws shoes at him, and he continues running to catch her. Now comes the confusing; he meets with his old self, having climbed out of the river he “suicided” himself into about 6 or 7 episodes ago. He tells College Banri about how frusterated he was that he never listened to him, and they come to terms. Now comes the really confusing part. Linda runs across the bridge and tells Banri that her answer is “Yes”, after all these years. The scene was so touching and happy that I didn’t care it didn’t make any sense, I was just happy to see ghost Banri and Linda finally happy and with each other. After all, these are characters who’s exploits we’ve been following for half a year now.

Banri and Kaga meet up on the bridge as he calls out for her. Kaga asks if he remembers their promise, and he does. They hug, kiss, catch up, and proclaim their love for one another in a well deserved, touching fashion. Kaga also tells him she’ll catch him up on what all their friends have been up to. Of course, Banri also hands Kaga the ring that he got; she happily wears it, and the two walk off hand-in-hand (let’s go paati night).

Now call me crazy, but I was hoping for further bullshit to happen, like ghost Banri becomes a separate entity so that Linda doesn’t have to be alone (This would make even less sense than the previous shit). Linda is the only one that I feel gets left out. Poor girl will never get to be with her high school crush. Is she ok with that? Prior scenes would suggest she is, but I can’t help but feel bad for her.

So, who were those emails coming from? I thought it was College Banri coming to and sending emails inbetween spouts of turning back into high school Banri. Nope. It was our well dressed, badass, best fucking friend ever 2D-kun who sent those emails to get the two of them back together.

2D kun is the best fucking friend in the whole world. God DAMN the man is dedicated to his buddies. Thankfully, everyone’s back together now and back to how it used to be. Just happy to see everything worked out.

Happy end.

Golden Time – 23

Goddamn anybody notice how nicely 2D-kun dresses? Guy slaps a button down shirt and a sweater and he’s looking pretty damn sharp. He must bed all the dakimakuras.

Anyways welcome back to SufferingTM the anime. This week we introduce you not only to further suffering but a semi-resolution that appears to be pretty concrete. If not for the fact that we have a final episode, I’d say the show has made it’s final peace and it’s decidedly less happy than what I was expecting…

In any event, Banri successfully guesses why Koko broke up with him, and we can see that she’s suffering a lot because of it (Poor Koko). Essentially, Koko knows exactly what’s happening to Banri and she wants to distance herself from him as fast as possible in order to avoid hurting herself. The two of them make up as friends and continue on living. 2D was a bit pissed off on being left out and essentially forces the group of them to hang out.

Banri is also unable to contact Yana, who is still reeling after what happened in the previous episode. And boy, did a lot of shit happen or what?

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again; Banri has absolutely the best friends in the whole world. Seriously, the guy couldn’t ask for better friends (and a better girlfriend).

Anyways, when 2D forces the group to hang out, Banri forgets who Kaga and Yana are, freaks out, and does the whole Linda screaming etc. thingy. She comforts him, and Banri is distressed seeing Koko crying (I’m assuming his memories flooded back to him in that instant). Notice how he always snaps out of his amnesia state whenever he thinks or sees Koko? My only hope for a happy ending hinges on that small contingency; Koko is the only thing that keeps him bounded to this world and as a result, he’s be unable to keep his current self without her. That’s my bullshit theory anyway (and what the hell do I know?)

The fact that everyone has reconciled and Banri has accepted this is very unsettling as that’s usually a storytelling cue that “This is how it’s gonna be.” I hope to all high hell that’s not the case.

The Festival club performs their big dance with an extremely warm speech from Yana to Banri about how he’ll never forget him and his door is always open to being friends again. Seriously, made my eyes tear, considering that Yana never opens up like this. Again, the best goddamn friends in the world.

At the very end, Banri coldly reflects on all that’s happened and resolves himself to the future. The episode then cuts out. Again, fuck you ED theme. What happens next episode? Either the Koko theory I presented crudely or a “We’re all just friends again / Koko rebuilds their relationship with Linda competing” ending. I’m hoping for the former because the latter open ended bullshit is truly annoying.

Here goes.

Golden Time – 22

Fuck you, ED theme. Just fuck you.

That episode was the holy torrential of shit where nobody escaped from getting extremely upset or figuratively fucked in all ways, shapes, forms, and angles. Viewed from certain space/times, it is entirely possible that the entire universe internally sucked into Golden Time at this very moment.

Where to even START with this one. Well, the beginnings as good a place as any. Banri decides to wait, hoping Koko will return after her small little “Break up” speech, but she does not. Instead, she sends her father to pick Banri up, and they have a little talk with one another. Her father reveals that Koko asked him a question about anti-anxiety pills. Banri begins to blame himself.

Later, Banri meets up with Nana, who by the way is freaking awesome. I was cheering for her the whole time to be a bro, because Banri doesn’t have anyone to help him now. She does, and even admits that she likes him quite a bit. It was a nice moment where she threatened to kill him, as usual, and provided a nice pep talk. She recommends trying to talk to Koko again tomorrow.

The next part hits very close to home because, in my own relationship, this was a re-ocurring nightmare I had when Melissa and myself were a new couple; after a breakup, you coldly go back to being friends as though it never happened. The way it’s laid out in this episode is intentionally confusing; Banri goes back, Koko approaches him and apologizes. Eventually, 2D let’s it slip that Banri made her a coffee “Infused with love” to which she coldly responds “we broke up.” Sends chills down my spine, I don’t know how to explain it, but it probably has to do with my own insecurities. Just knowing that someone you were once so close to get’s “reset” as though nothing had ever happened between you…I don’t know how to explain it as anything other than possibly the absolute worst feeling in a broad range of emotions that one could ever experience in a lifetime.

Banri calls her out on her shit but you can tell she’s snapping underneath her “I’m over it” facade; she’s likely trying to convince herself more than anyone else. I suspect it’s a “I can’t be with him if he’s going to get better” kind of thing. Yana jumps to Banri’s defense against Koko. Let me say something; Banri has the goddamn best friends ever. These guys are so supportive and awesome to him. Man, I was so happy when Yana got up and supported him. 2D was greatly concerned with Banri before going to class. Seriously, what great guys.

Chinami also sticks around and talks to Banri, and they bond a bit. He asks her to record him for their school festival, and thus he talks about how he got dumped.

Later, at the festival club, all hell breaks loose, and seriously this is one of the most emotionally damaging scenes I think I’ve ever seen, and I have over 200 anime series in my personal catalog. Linda is absolute livid when she finds out what happened between them and Banri’s seemingly apethy. She encourages him and even assaults him into chasing after her. It probably has to do with her own feelings; seeing Banri give up after Linda has accepted them as a couple is hard on her. Eventually, Yana and Koko come in and Banri explains all, as poor Linda is sobbing in the corner.  To make matters even somehow fucking WORSE, Yana is pissed that he kept it a secret.

AND THEN TO MAKE IT EVEN WORSE, Koko hands in her resignation to the club. Banri snatches it away and gives her a glare as she walks off.

Holy shit. Please tell me this is going to get better for everyone extremely soon. Please?

Golden Time – 21

Ok, somebody want to tackle the mystery of that ending for me? Seriously? What a crazy freaking episode.

Banri inner turmoil continue to build this episode as his high school self begins to fuse and further take over his college-self’s being. Banri speculates that before long his current self will disappear completely without anyone knowing as his high school self becomes the dominate personality, causing him to forget about everything that happened in the past year and a half, most specifically Koko.

The Festival Club is revealed to have been kicked out and effectively ex-communicated with the previous venue in which they performed. Banri blames himself but Linda and his fellow club members come to his aid, insisting it was because they didn’t practice enough. Good job, guys.

Meanwhile, Koko finds out that Banri has been taking drugs to help deal with his split personality issue and grills him on whats wrong. Banri is obstinate in revealing but Koko assures him that she’ll always help him, no matter what, and that together they can do anything. I think anybody who has been in a relationship has had these moments where it feels like the two of you against the world. Personally, this scene resonated strongly with me as I once again saw a bit of Melissa in Koko.

Hoping to cure all confusion (as well as patch things up with Chinami), Banri decides to invite everyone over for beef (which is the main goddamn draw for many anime characters, we know) and tell all about his past. Chinami shows up first and apologizes to Banri, explaining she was simply jealous that another woman was getting closer to Yana and she simply took it out on Banri. After patching up, Banri begins to reveal all…and then he has a panic attack as his old self takes over again. Screaming for Linda, she sprints over from next door to help Banri out. He doesn’t want Koko to know about this as he even exclaims he wants to live with her (Of course, we know that’s true but people aren’t usually that frank about it). He freaks, gets slapped by Nana, and runs away before being pre-emptively attacked by Yana and 2D. After being bros and saying they’d support him by not letting him disappear, they leave.

Everyone covered for Banri and they hide it from Koko, who texts him explaining they all ate meat next door instead. Banri feels that he can still be himself for the moment even if he disappears eventually, and decides to give Koko the ring with little fanfare.

Here’s the kicker: she coldly denies him and says the only reason she came to college was to chase Yana. Goodbye.

Yup, that’s it! Has to be a dream sequence as their relationship felt so strong just one scene before. No way it’s reality. Maybe I’m just telling myself that because I don’t want to believe it. Hopefully next week proves me right.

Golden Time – 20

Tension between Chinami and Banri grows in this episode as she refuses to even look at the poor sucker. All over a misunderstanding! But that’s the least of Banri’s worries. Also pre-occupying his mind is how to give his main squeeze the ring his mom gave him and whether or not it even means anything. He eventually becomes so desperate for female perspective that he asks the crazy tea bitches from the beginning of the show, who indeed raise all expectations and make him believe it really does mean as much as he thought it did.

Stakes raised, Banri freaks about how to deal with the ring and Chinami, but Kouko assures him that they’ll find a way to deal with it, and to just wait until the festival is done for now. The way that Kouko speaks about the future reminds me of my own girlfriend, who will frequently look to the future with a hopeful mind and a bright smile. Stick together and keep going, Banri!

During the festival, Banri’s memories come flooding back in the middle of their dance and he becomes confused as to where he is. He mentions the last thing he remembers is waiting on the bridge for Linda; it’s clear ghost Banri has possessed him, seemingly unwillingly. Or has he? As we remember, ghost Banri willingly committed seppuku on the bridge when Banri attempted to save him at his high school reunion. What is going on here?

My bet’s on his two selves beginning to fuse, but who can say? All I hope is that he remains close and faithful to Kouko. I know he will, but damn, just hope this whole thing ends happily.

Golden Time – 19


Banri finally returns after his seemingly long excursion back home. Before returning his mom bestows him a ring to give to Kouko.

As not unexpected with those that remember early on in the show run, this episode, titled “A night in paris” is specifically referring to Banri getting his bones jumped. And that is precisely what happens, but damn is it cute. Kouko has such innocent eagerness and a strong desire to be closer to the one she loves, and I always find it touching. On the inside, she’s truly a very warm person. Unfortunately for Banri and Kouko, she gets sick from the food she ate and in a new move effectively cockblocks herself. Poor Kouko.

The nature of Linda’s relationship with Yana is finally out in the open although Yana claims it’s quite one-sided. Personally, I find Linda the hardest person to read in this series. She’s so warm and kind-hearted, but I still am unsure as to whether or not she liked Banri. Who can say? She certainly won’t!

Reminding me how fleshed out and real the characters are in this series, Linda gets uncharacteristically testy with Banri after finding out they brought Yana to the festival club and literally kicks his ass. She does apologize for it later. Chinami shows up and gives Banri shit for being too close with Linda because “Yana is interested in her, how would Kouko feel, etc.” Kouko is the one who told him to go talk to Linda.

The bottom line is that Banri keeping his past a secret is beginning to sow misunderstandings amongst his friends. Linda gave him the “go-ahead” on his non-disclosure agreement, so hopefully he clears this shit up before it becomes a problem.