Golden Time – 23

Goddamn anybody notice how nicely 2D-kun dresses? Guy slaps a button down shirt and a sweater and he’s looking pretty damn sharp. He must bed all the dakimakuras.

Anyways welcome back to SufferingTM the anime. This week we introduce you not only to further suffering but a semi-resolution that appears to be pretty concrete. If not for the fact that we have a final episode, I’d say the show has made it’s final peace and it’s decidedly less happy than what I was expecting…

In any event, Banri successfully guesses why Koko broke up with him, and we can see that she’s suffering a lot because of it (Poor Koko). Essentially, Koko knows exactly what’s happening to Banri and she wants to distance herself from him as fast as possible in order to avoid hurting herself. The two of them make up as friends and continue on living. 2D was a bit pissed off on being left out and essentially forces the group of them to hang out.

Banri is also unable to contact Yana, who is still reeling after what happened in the previous episode. And boy, did a lot of shit happen or what?

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again; Banri has absolutely the best friends in the whole world. Seriously, the guy couldn’t ask for better friends (and a better girlfriend).

Anyways, when 2D forces the group to hang out, Banri forgets who Kaga and Yana are, freaks out, and does the whole Linda screaming etc. thingy. She comforts him, and Banri is distressed seeing Koko crying (I’m assuming his memories flooded back to him in that instant). Notice how he always snaps out of his amnesia state whenever he thinks or sees Koko? My only hope for a happy ending hinges on that small contingency; Koko is the only thing that keeps him bounded to this world and as a result, he’s be unable to keep his current self without her. That’s my bullshit theory anyway (and what the hell do I know?)

The fact that everyone has reconciled and Banri has accepted this is very unsettling as that’s usually a storytelling cue that “This is how it’s gonna be.” I hope to all high hell that’s not the case.

The Festival club performs their big dance with an extremely warm speech from Yana to Banri about how he’ll never forget him and his door is always open to being friends again. Seriously, made my eyes tear, considering that Yana never opens up like this. Again, the best goddamn friends in the world.

At the very end, Banri coldly reflects on all that’s happened and resolves himself to the future. The episode then cuts out. Again, fuck you ED theme. What happens next episode? Either the Koko theory I presented crudely or a “We’re all just friends again / Koko rebuilds their relationship with Linda competing” ending. I’m hoping for the former because the latter open ended bullshit is truly annoying.

Here goes.

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