Nobunaga the Fool – 10

We, interestingly enough, finally got some Hideyoshi character development (And no, I am not counting all of history as character development, since I somehow doubt the real Hideyoshi piloted a giant war armor).

Apparently Hideyoshi had a sister who died at a young age; she was stricken with key-AIDS. Apparently the Oda clan was waging a war at the time and the taxes ended up depriving them of their meager harvest, which in turn killed the young girl. Naturally, Hideyoshi is pissed about this, and in fact claims he event became a general in their army to seek revenge. While he no longer seeks complete revenge, he has revealed he will gladly kill Nobu if he feels he grows weak and fails to unite the country. Pretty harsh! In other news, I’d like to see you try you scrawny monkey bastard. In any event, shouldn’t he be directing his rage at Nobu’s father? Nobu was ALSO a kid when that happened and there’s no way he could be responsible (Unless he’s just hating on the whole Oda line, in which case it lines up). Revenge is weird, man, whatever!

Hideyoshi also successfully draws his tarot card from Leonardo this time (He unsuccessfully attempted the same early in the series) and draw the card of Temperance. I like to think Da Vinci enjoys sitting around waiting until people have internal dilemmas just so he can flash his crazy-ass cards.

The round table is apparently quite fed up with Caesar not getting anything done in the east (Hey, me too! Off with his head!) and grant him one last chance to be successful. Unluckily for him, the Oda pre-empt him by bringing the battle to his doorstep…and even so, things are not as they seem. Nobunaga uses the fool as bait while he and Mitsuhide sneak in under cover, breaking through their defenses and taking out their guards. They’re apparently unable to use war armors effectively in the area due to the ley lines. After utilizing one of Da Vinci’s inventions, they are able to restore the ley lines and use war armors, only to be greeted by what seems to be a seated officer with no name, who pummels Hideyoshi in his new mech he just stole a second ago. Hideyoshi is backed up by Nobunaga, who even on foot with a flimsy bow and arrow strikes the officer’s vitals, acknowledges that Hideyoshi wants to kill him, and tells him to become “man enough to kill him.”

I guess it’s been done before but I love this trope so much. So Badass.

He grants him the regalia of the wind that Shingen bestowed upon him as Caesar realizes he’s been tricked. Little slow on the uptake, eh Caesar?

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