Saki – Zenkoku – hen 11

Advising people to not bully our titular (no pun intended, I swear) heroine Saki is not typically a move that is well advised; reason being that she is in fact the second scariest person in the show when at full power.

Saki demonstrates her mahjong prowess quite well this episode, coming out with her trademark Rinshan Kaihou’s. I’ve noted last episode that Saki has kept her composure better than ever and as a result, she comes off as the amazingly talented, brutal, and very deadly 5th player of Kiyosumi that she really is. After all, she defeated Amai Koromo, considered to be one of the highest ranking demon players.

Eisui’s Kasumi comes into her own (if her “ara ara” demeanor before didn’t tip you off, I’m not sure what did) this episode as she ceases playing defensively after coming to the realization that they will never go into second or first place this way. To make matters worse, Kasumi is possessed by a god; always something you need to factor for when playing against Eisui (somehow!) Kasumi is an extremely strong player and possibly the strongest player in all of Eisui. She certainly gave the powerful Toyone a run for her money. Between these three mahjong giants is little Kyouko from Hinematsu. All she wanted was a “normal game of mahjong.” As many have said already, she is in the wrong ass neighborhood.

Saki rips the entire table a new one and pulls Kiyosumi into first. This is Saki playing to her full potential in a way we’ve previously only seen in bits and pieces. This is Saki, uninhibited, not nervous and making mistakes she shouldn’t. This is Saki at 100% potential, the way she needs to play against her sister in the individuals.

But who cares about powerlevels bullshit lolol am i rite.

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