Noragami Aragoto 1 – 3

Noragami returns! You might remember that there was at least one plotline that was briefly touched upon but never resolved from the first season. Why does Bishamon harbor a grudge against Yato, and did Yato really kill all her kinsman? What sort of debt does Kazuma owe Yato? What really happened way back then?

Prepare to have those questions answered.

The first episode spends its time reintroducing us to our main cast, that being Yato, Yukine, and Hiyori. Not much has happened since our last encounter with our heroes – Yato is still taking paltry, measly jobs, Yukine is still starving, and Hiyori is finally entering high school.

We learn a lot about Bishamon in these episodes – she is unsurprisingly a kind soul who ends up making every lost soul she finds her regalia in the hopes of saving them. IN this fashion, they enter a large family under her leadership, even if she never uses them for combat. This causes friction with her doctor/regalia Kuguha, who is planning a plot to seemingly usurp her or destroy her – we even see him plotting with Nora, Yato’s former regalia.

Yukine also meets a friend – another regalia like him, who belongs to Bishamon. Yato advises caution but does not stop the two of them from becoming friends. It isn’t long until Kuguha shows up to kill Suzuha, Yukine’s friend. It’s clear that Kuguha’s aim is to cause chaos between Yato and Bishamon. Long story short, a lot happens with Bishamon leading to a downward spiral for her, including her being seemingly blighted.

Yukine ends up in Takimagahara with Kazuma, Bishamon’s “guiding voice”. Bishamon finds out that Kazuma assisted in a ablution with Yato, and in her unsatiable anger banishes him. Aiha, one of Bishamon’s regalia who is working with Kuguha, ends up capturing Hiyori in an attempt to pin it on Bishamon, with the hopes that Yato will go to reclaim her. Let’s just say he’s not too happy about that.

Kuguha’s aim is obviously to stir trouble between Bishamon and Yato for the purpose of either birthing a new god or usurping her position entirely – that is not clear. Kuguha is our typical crafty motherfucker we often see in shonen, but I feel as though a lot of what he has orchestrated will be hard to explain even when things do eventually calm down. Without Kazuma, it’s hard to say if Bishamon will even be herself – in a lot of ways, he is what restrains her from acting wildly.

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