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Kirby’s Dreamland 3

The year was 1997. The N64 was out for a whole year at this point, which means that as far as North America was concerned, the SNES was dead as dead can be. Who gives a fuck about 2d games now when we have shitty looking polygonal games? AW YEAH BOI.

Unfortunately, in the year 1997, I was also 7 years old which means that I had absolutely no means of disposable income or making money to buy a $70 SNES game. This means that, much to my chagrin, KDL3 had to go by the wayside and wait until a few years later where I would get the chance to be able to play it (but not own it, even so). When I was 10, I did use all of my birthday money on Kirby 64, something I am very proud of to this day. Yes, I don’t have many things to be proud of. Yes, I am completely disappointing no matter how you look at it.

Found this game at 1up and eyed it up several times, especially with an attractive price of $55 dollars (About 10 under market and that’s not even counting shipping). I told myself “Next time I go in there, if that game is still there, I am going to buy it.” And buy it I did, apparently ruining other’s chance at getting the game. I felt evil but as a collector, that is the most satisfying feeling one can experience.

I gave the game a test run and it’s just as I remember, although I admittedly never played it at launch. A colorful, crayon like aesthetic adorns the game with music that we still hear remixes of to this day. Abilities are not quite as fleshed out as they are in other installments like Kirby Super Star (or the fantastic, recent Kirby’s Triple Deluxe). That said, Kirby is still one of my favorites (my absolute favorite as a child) and I’m proud to add this to my collection.

Missi also picked up Wild Arms 2 and Parappa the Rapper. I personally have no childhood memories of either as I never owned a PS1 as a kid, so I won’t comment on those.

I also noticed a “Secret of Mana” cartridge popped up at the shop for a similar price…Hmm…I think I know what my next purchase will be.


Breath of Fire III

I never grew up with the playstation – I was an N64 kid back in the day where we didn’t have the luxury of a job, no money, and thus had one console choice. Unfortunately, for a great part of my life, this means I got snubbed when square decided to move from the SNES to the playstation and when Capcom moved their (in my mind) venerated Breath of Fire series to the playstation. This is to say nothing of the vastly superior Symphony of the Night to the “Castlevania 64” we got too. In any event, because of this, my PSX collection is pretty small – Legend of Legaia, Legend of Dragoon, Megaman X4, Megaman X5, Megaman 8, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night make up the entirety of my collection.

While I have replayed the first two Breath of Fire’s multiple times, isn’t it about time I move to the 3rd game in the series – which is said by some to be even better than 2? I’m highly skeptical about that but I’ll approach it with an open mind. Despite owning Breath of Fire III for the PSP I thought it would be a nice addition to my collection anyway.

I wasn’t going to buy it without the case to come with it, which luckily was included at a nice price. I’m debating getting the japanese art printed on the front to replace the somewhat generic fire sword it comes with on the North American release. We’ll see what happens.

Are there any other great Playstation 1 games I am missing? Feel free to throw me some recommendations in the comments below!

Breath of Fire II & Fatal Fury 2

Wow, look at that.. they’re both 2’s!

So, I picked both of these up at this fantastic local video game store that is definitely organized with a collector in mind called 1-up games. You can expect them to carry the sort of stuff you’ll never find at the video game store down the street (not to mention the place is much more aesthetically pleasing and considerably less dirty) – for example, as I speak they are carrying copies of Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen, Chrono Trigger boxed, and even Harvest Moon.

Unfortunately I don’t have the money to buy ALL of them (as much as I’d like to) so it seems I was limited to one choice: Breath of Fire II. Why Breath of Fire II? It is one of my favorite RPG’s of all time. Chrono Trigger is great and all, but there is an arguably more complete version for the DS that is readily accessible anytime I choose. While I do indeed own the GBA version of Breath of Fire II I’ve always wanted to own the home console version. After giving it a spin for an hour or so yesterday I can conclude two things:

  • The music is richer than I ever experienced on the GBA
  • Accounts about the translation being “awful” are completely over-exaggerated

That is not to say that the script doesn’t suffer from some stiffness, but it is far from abhorrent.

Breath of Fire II is a fantastic game that is absolutely worth the $100 I put down for it (this is including the box). While the SNES boxart is garish in the style of He-man wannabes of the yesteryear, it IS nice owning it anyway. One of the other gentlemen at the store in question advised me “Not to throw the box away” when I bought the game. Thanks, I think I know that. I’ll be using cover project to create a box with the original, much better japanese SNES art on it eventually. More space is needed before that possibility opens up though.

Fatal Fury 2 is an excellent, classic example of 2d fighters when they first emerged – carrying all the charm (and issues) of early 2d fighters. While I had already owned the genesis version, I was betting that the SNES version was superior. I have yet to give it a test run but for $7, it was hardly an investment.