Breath of Fire III

I never grew up with the playstation – I was an N64 kid back in the day where we didn’t have the luxury of a job, no money, and thus had one console choice. Unfortunately, for a great part of my life, this means I got snubbed when square decided to move from the SNES to the playstation and when Capcom moved their (in my mind) venerated Breath of Fire series to the playstation. This is to say nothing of the vastly superior Symphony of the Night to the “Castlevania 64” we got too. In any event, because of this, my PSX collection is pretty small – Legend of Legaia, Legend of Dragoon, Megaman X4, Megaman X5, Megaman 8, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night make up the entirety of my collection.

While I have replayed the first two Breath of Fire’s multiple times, isn’t it about time I move to the 3rd game in the series – which is said by some to be even better than 2? I’m highly skeptical about that but I’ll approach it with an open mind. Despite owning Breath of Fire III for the PSP I thought it would be a nice addition to my collection anyway.

I wasn’t going to buy it without the case to come with it, which luckily was included at a nice price. I’m debating getting the japanese art printed on the front to replace the somewhat generic fire sword it comes with on the North American release. We’ll see what happens.

Are there any other great Playstation 1 games I am missing? Feel free to throw me some recommendations in the comments below!

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