Nagi no Asukara – 24

Thankfully, nagi no asukara is a 26 episode series rather than the typical 24 (there are a bit too many plot threads to address in simply two episodes, so I applaud this decision that was made forever ago and I just didn’t know about because I’m dumb wow this is the longest parenthesis ever and this sentence is needlessly long-winded.) This gives plenty of opportunity to finish up our lasting plot threads.

Being Tsumugu is suffering. The poor guy pours his heart out for Chiisake but she is taken aback by the sudden outpouring of emotions. Admittedly, she must have been dense not to notice…but did she really not notice? She claims she doesn’t love him but it’s much too obvious that her heart betrays her words; She cries later to Kaname about the entire situation only for Kaname to state the obvious (ok, it’s only obvious now that I’ve pointed it out (ok, everyone figured it out already except me I’m dumb)).

As interesting as this is, I’m confident things will work out for Tsumugu and Chiisake and I’d be surprised if they didn’t end up an item by the end of this show. More importantly, Hikari, Tsumugu, and Kaname decide to continue onward with the boatdrifting festival once again, with the hopes that a dummy sacrifice will placate the sea god once more and return Manaka’s memories to her. Unlike last time, the entire city pitches in the effort without any needed “pushing”.

Then comes the scene that nearly moved me to tears: Sayu confesses her feelings to Kaname, leaving nothing. I was certain Kaname wouldn’t be interested…but he was overjoyed at hearing that someone actually couldn’t wait for him to return. Normally so strong, we see Kaname pour all his feeling out on the table for the first time in the series. The fact that Sayu moved him to such a point is indicative of the pull the two have on one another. Seriously, just watch it. It’s amazing. Sayu was the winner this episode and I was happy for her.

Where do we go from here? Two episodes left and hopefully not some dangerous foreshadowing. Let’s hope the boat-drift festival goes over well this time.

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