Golden Time – 19


Banri finally returns after his seemingly long excursion back home. Before returning his mom bestows him a ring to give to Kouko.

As not unexpected with those that remember early on in the show run, this episode, titled “A night in paris” is specifically referring to Banri getting his bones jumped. And that is precisely what happens, but damn is it cute. Kouko has such innocent eagerness and a strong desire to be closer to the one she loves, and I always find it touching. On the inside, she’s truly a very warm person. Unfortunately for Banri and Kouko, she gets sick from the food she ate and in a new move effectively cockblocks herself. Poor Kouko.

The nature of Linda’s relationship with Yana is finally out in the open although Yana claims it’s quite one-sided. Personally, I find Linda the hardest person to read in this series. She’s so warm and kind-hearted, but I still am unsure as to whether or not she liked Banri. Who can say? She certainly won’t!

Reminding me how fleshed out and real the characters are in this series, Linda gets uncharacteristically testy with Banri after finding out they brought Yana to the festival club and literally kicks his ass. She does apologize for it later. Chinami shows up and gives Banri shit for being too close with Linda because “Yana is interested in her, how would Kouko feel, etc.” Kouko is the one who told him to go talk to Linda.

The bottom line is that Banri keeping his past a secret is beginning to sow misunderstandings amongst his friends. Linda gave him the “go-ahead” on his non-disclosure agreement, so hopefully he clears this shit up before it becomes a problem.

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