Golden Time – 21

Ok, somebody want to tackle the mystery of that ending for me? Seriously? What a crazy freaking episode.

Banri inner turmoil continue to build this episode as his high school self begins to fuse and further take over his college-self’s being. Banri speculates that before long his current self will disappear completely without anyone knowing as his high school self becomes the dominate personality, causing him to forget about everything that happened in the past year and a half, most specifically Koko.

The Festival Club is revealed to have been kicked out and effectively ex-communicated with the previous venue in which they performed. Banri blames himself but Linda and his fellow club members come to his aid, insisting it was because they didn’t practice enough. Good job, guys.

Meanwhile, Koko finds out that Banri has been taking drugs to help deal with his split personality issue and grills him on whats wrong. Banri is obstinate in revealing but Koko assures him that she’ll always help him, no matter what, and that together they can do anything. I think anybody who has been in a relationship has had these moments where it feels like the two of you against the world. Personally, this scene resonated strongly with me as I once again saw a bit of Melissa in Koko.

Hoping to cure all confusion (as well as patch things up with Chinami), Banri decides to invite everyone over for beef (which is the main goddamn draw for many anime characters, we know) and tell all about his past. Chinami shows up first and apologizes to Banri, explaining she was simply jealous that another woman was getting closer to Yana and she simply took it out on Banri. After patching up, Banri begins to reveal all…and then he has a panic attack as his old self takes over again. Screaming for Linda, she sprints over from next door to help Banri out. He doesn’t want Koko to know about this as he even exclaims he wants to live with her (Of course, we know that’s true but people aren’t usually that frank about it). He freaks, gets slapped by Nana, and runs away before being pre-emptively attacked by Yana and 2D. After being bros and saying they’d support him by not letting him disappear, they leave.

Everyone covered for Banri and they hide it from Koko, who texts him explaining they all ate meat next door instead. Banri feels that he can still be himself for the moment even if he disappears eventually, and decides to give Koko the ring with little fanfare.

Here’s the kicker: she coldly denies him and says the only reason she came to college was to chase Yana. Goodbye.

Yup, that’s it! Has to be a dream sequence as their relationship felt so strong just one scene before. No way it’s reality. Maybe I’m just telling myself that because I don’t want to believe it. Hopefully next week proves me right.

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