Saki – Zenkoku – Hen 9

The madness from the previous episode continues as Hatsumi proves herself to be the “main antagonist” this round. And it seems that Nadoka is not as in the dark as Sae would leave us to believe; I expect better from her than to assume Kiyosumi, especially Nadoka would ever be so foolish. Shows a clear demonstration in the difference in their abilities.

Throughout the match, Nadoka continues to keep her composure and continues to declare riichi and feed into Hatsumi’s hands. Nadoka’s losses are minimal and, in fact, she ends the game with slightly more points than she started with. Keeping a cool head prevailed and, despite Sae’s pretty wicked play that round, she came up short and ended the round with Miyamori in last place. Even Kinue gets a few good hands off but it’s clear she’s the weakest player in the room. Eisui has made a considerable point comeback this round, despite Hatsumi’s getting seriously ganked.

The next match starts up right away as we get to see the long awaited, extremely intimidating and very unsettling Toyone from Miyamori takes the stage, along with Eisui’s Kasumi Iwato and Himematsu’s Kyouko Suehara. Kyouko appears to be the weak link this time around (but is clearly a competent player) because as soon as the match begins, she gets some wins off before ferociously being targeted by Toyone, who is likened to one who “Chokes” her opponent by her teammates. Not good for anyone at that table.

Saki’s debut in the nationals begins, but how will she fare? If this episode is any indication, Saki has stepped up her game and is concentrating even more than usual (typically she flubs up in the first hand or first half of the game). It was nice to see Koromo cheering for her as she struck her hand from the dead wall with her trademark Rinshan Kaihou! This is the final match of this season!

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