Witch Craft Works – 8

Am I just dense or is the relationship between the tower and workshop witches extremely hard to understand? Kazane treats the tower witches more like they’re unruly kids rather than evil beings trying to end their lives (Medusa especially!) I can understand why they’ve made peace with the jobber witches (given they’re really not a threat and overall pretty harmless) but does somebody want to explain why Kazane lets a tower witch stand in place of her? Seriously?

I’ll chalk it up to me being dense and it making perfect sense or something, somehow or the other. In any event, we’re treated to a Kagari flashback via Takamiya’s dream in the beginning where Kazane puts two younger girls up to guiding her through school (something they do very well). It’s also weird seeing anybody actually dislike Kagari, but they are swiftly dealt with. The two girls show up later in the episode in very minor roles.

Kagari assures Takamiya that they must keep all five seals from being broken (Remember, one has already been broken). Takamiya speculates on what the White Princess inside him actually is and what he can do to stop her from awakening. It isn’t long before a rebellion breaks out at school as it’s no surprise none of the students approve of Takamiya being the student council president. He’s challenged to a fight on the principle that he “took advantage and used” the previous school council president which is obviously not true.

Takamiya takes on the “Bear fighter” and gets his ass summarily handed to him as usual until Kagari takes her downtown, making it appear that Takamiya has won the fight. The school treats him as a hero afterward and he finally gets some respect. It’s also worth noting that it appears the jobber tower witches tried to jump him in the middle of his fight..I mean, what else were they doing there?

Although this was a welcome diversion, here’s hoping we get some plot next week!

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