Witch Craft Works – 9

Once again, it’s time for vitchu-activiti.

Kagari finally buckles and begins to show our unlikely protaganist Takamiya how to use offensive magic and properly manifest it in a way that is useful. She claims she is going to be “very harsh” on him and puts on a brave face…before fussing over a little scratch he got on his elbow. She’s very cute in a strange sort of way. Takamiya pulls the tail of the tiger when he claims she is being too soft on him and she drops his ass off the top of a building, forbidding him from using his broom. He did ask for it.

He manifests a huge Kagari wearing a mini-skirt that saves him and punches the shit out of a building for seemingly no reason. Chronoire remarks that it’s likely the second seal was broken in his previous fight with Rinon (Notice the way his temples glew and his hair changed color?)

Meanwhile, Kazane gets alerted that a tower witch has the entire city under her control and requests an audience with her. Kazane, laid back as always, agrees to meet her and the witch reveals her name as “Weekend” (sounds like she belongs in the Hamatora if you’re asking me!). Kazane gets increasingly more alarmed when she realizes this is the woman that manipulated Chronoire and Medusa to do her bidding and that she is the true puppet master of this series. Weekend suggests a hypothetical situation that would drain Kazane of her mana if she were to cause an explosion so big she were forced to protect everyone in the city all at once. She follows through with her threat and it puts Kazane out of commission.

The stakes are raised; Weekend speculates it will take Kazane about a week to recover her mana (and at that point, he ass is grass). In other words, Weekend has about a week to recover Takamiya and awaken the white witch inside him. For their own protection, Kazane has her cronies lock them up and keep them safe as a failsafe. Kagari, recognizing Weekend’s face suggests that rather than wait they pre-emptively strike her. I like her style!

I’d imagine this won’t play out well, especially considering next week is the beginning of a two part episode.

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