Noragami – 7

After seeing Yato is such tough shape last week, it was only a matter of time before we were given the inevitable “Yukine will kill him before something is done” that Bishamon’s regalia has confirmed this week.

This week we are introduced to the concept of a Nora, which is a regalia that has served multiple masters at once without severing their connection to their previous master. The stigma attached to this is to be expected; how can they be trusted, knowing this? Yukine continues to sink lower and lower as he’s caught stealing the donation box at a shop for seriously no good reason. Honestly, anyone know why he actually did that? I know he’s being angsty but what does stealing that even do for him? Make him feel better, I guess?

In any event, I’m really sorry that Yato has to deal with him because he’s really been a little shit the past few weeks. Poor Hiyori is stuck in the middle of all this nonsense. I have to admit it would greatly help things for Yato if he would just explain himself to Yukine. That typically never happens in anime until the “time is right”, as it were.

The ride has been crazy and I can tell we’re ready to reach a head here. Between Bishamon after Yato’s head, Bishamon’s regalia’s strange sense of loyalty towards Yato, and Yato and Yukine’s strained relationship, it’s only a matter of time before something happens. That something is doubtful to be nice.

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