Saki – Zenkoku-hen 2

Saki returns with another combined training camp, which I totally love because we get to see all of the characters we know and love again. While I still think I prefer the achiga cast, I love Ryuumunbuchi, wahaha, and etc. It’s nice to have an excuse to get to see them.

Highlights of this episode include Kyoutaro being Mexican, Hisa and the gang getting a message from their school back home, Touka apparently being better than she lets on, and purple haired girl from middle school who appears to be a buffed Yuuki (Strong during the first half of the game). That’s quite a bit to take in!

Touka losing conscienceness was extremely off-putting as something supernatural rarely happens in Saki outside of the mahjong games. In the games themselves, of course supernatural shit is happening all over the place, but we love it that way. Ok, I love it that way. Touka really surprised everyone by sitting at the intimidating-as-shit table which was seating Saki, Koromo, and pro-Fujita. Touka is good but these three are way outside her league; I’d rank Hisa, Nadoka, Toki, Mihoko, and the demon level mahjong players as stronger than her. Honestly, Momo might be stronger (As well as the purple haired girl from Wahaha’s school, who I believe is a stronger player). That said, Touka can certainly hold her own and is, in my opinion, Ryuumunbuchi’s second strongest player. The other players called her possessed state “Cold Eyed Touka”, where she appears to be insanely strong. She collapsed in the beginning of the fourth hand and apparently was completely unaware of what happened the previous day.

Hisa also called this random purple haired loli to outperform the Kiyosumi girls in their training camp (Doesn’t Hisa always call someone who will kick their asses?) Who knows what she holds in store for them, but the similarities in playstyle to Yuuki have been noted by the show itself. I’d imagine she’ll surprise them but in the end she’ll have the effectiveness of a buffed Yuuki. We’ll see.

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