No Game No Life – 1

This show wasn’t originally on my watch list…Until about two days ago. Madhouse had kinda left a bad taste in my mouth from Mahou Sensou where it became apparent to me that this wasn’t the studio that produced Claymore or Trigun. I was a bit too knee-jerky and critical in my evaluation of them because this show delivers on an interesting albeit nothing special premise…and it delivers well.

Creating an anime starring a NEET? Nothing really new there. But there is more to a show than simply it’s premise; No Game, No Life wastes no times in executing and throwing our protagonists into unfamiliar territory and thrusting a new world upon them. Being the “best” at games, known collectively as Blank, they would do well in a world filled with their forte. Enter Sora and Shiro, our protagonists. Sora laments that the world is dull, harsh, and uninteresting. One thing leads to another and they are thrust into a world run entirely by games.

Naturally, being Blank, they do quite well for themselves. They do so by gambling the only thing they have; their lives. In doing so they successfully aquire clothing, money, and four night’s stays. Let me add that the nights at the inn were obtained by some very aggressive posturing that I would not expect from a NEET, but it was one of the most entertaining things in the entire episode. Holy shit. Love your style, Sora.

Sora also reveals that he cheated to win poker against the woman who’s money he took. Hey, but isn’t cheating against the rules? Sora postulates that as long as he is not caught, it’s as though he didn’t cheat. This will likely bite him in the ass later in the show.

What happens next? Inevitably, Sora’s overconfidence will likely get him in a hairy situation, likely by betting something costly like his life or even worse, his sister’s. We shall see. I look forward to what comes next.

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