Soul Eater Not! – 2

Man, this show is just too damn cute, seriously.

We had no cameos this week but that’s fine; they likely crammed them all in last week to be like “Hey, remember Soul Eater? This show is like that!!! Except not really!! But dude seriously remember these characters, damn our show was awesome *pats self on back*.” I am more than ok with that, but I do kinda miss them. I know pretty much everyone will hate me for saying this (everyone who doesn’t hate me already anyway) but I hope we see more of them!

Our girls made their way to their dorm this week and met the crazy woman that runs the place. And boy, is she one for the loony bin. Murder is apparently a light sentence in these parts as she seems to get away with attempted murder quite frequently (and in the middle of the night, nonetheless). I thought she was creepy from the first moment we saw her; must have been the fox eyes.

Our girls actually go and get a job, not unlike our fellow usagi’s. Why? The one chick that bailed them out very unkindly asked them to cough up their entire allowance. What does this mean? They have no money at all. Great! Well, they get to dress up in cute uniforms, so I guess it’s not all that bad. Those two “cool guys” from the first episode seem to be keeping watch over them (like true gentlemen!) and decide to get a job with them, which of course causes a bit of sexual tension. While on paper this sounds annoying as shit it was really cute and charming.

Who knew our very own hime-sama actually always wanted to have a part-time job? She probably enjoyed it more than anyone else did. Man, she is so tsun it hurts sometimes. Unlike several other tsunderes, she’s never really come off as annoying to me. I like her. I like all of them though!

Who’d ever thought that combining Azumanga Daioh with Soul Eater would be successful? Ok, they’re certainly not the most unusual combination, but this works better than I care to admit. Looking forward to the next episode!

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