Atelier Escha & Logy – 1

I am seriously so behind in these games. I still haven’t beaten Atelier Totori, or even gotten past the first few hours. I am the worst person ever but you know you still love me maybe at least a little bit (Ok, so maybe not at all (maybe just a little more than that? (ok, I am getting a bit greedy))).

Let me say with 100% certainty that I love Atelier and all of the assorted games; the less serious stories, the light-heartedness of its tone, the cute, fun, exploration – there’s a lot to love here. Let me share with you a description that I wish I was creative enough to say I’ve crafted myself, but that isn’t true. Here it is anyway: Picture yourself playing an old RPG. You’re in the last dungeon and it’s been hours since you’ve last fully recovered or had the chance to buy items; yup, it’s one of those areas. You’re seconds before maybe the fourth sub-boss you’ve fought in this dungeon and you see a merchant in front of you. The usual questions ensue, but the most primary of those would be “How the fug did this guy get down here alive!?!?” Atelier answers that question for you; you play as that merchant.

Atelier Escha & Logy is undeniably cute and quaint, which is everything I was expecting from a show based on the Atelier games. Hoping not to relive the horrors of the fucking bread of happiness, I delve in and come out pleasantly surprised; this show took the source material, matched the tone well, and even throws in a bit of foreshadowing and intrigue. How badass is a floating island that nobody has ever explored? You can ask Melissa; I spoke out loud about how awesome I thought this was as soon as they mentioned it. Hopefully they triggered a plot flag that will ensure they will return or visit it near the end of the series.

Doesn’t anyone think it’s incredibly cool that an android that’s been in the family for several, several, several years has been raising Escha? I did think her speaking mannerisms slightly strange. She seems very loving and caring to Escha, so I doubt there is any issue.

It may not be in the cards with this show, but I’m hoping we also get a bit of action; after all, combat is an integral part of the Atelier series. How else are they going to trek 3 days to the farthest plane to gather that piece of dead herbal grass?

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