Soul Eater Not! – 6

“Liz and Patty are assholes.” ~ everyone that ever watched this episode, ever.

I remember that quote, haha good times don’t you remember that too? Of course you do.

Anyone who’s watched the original Soul Eater might recall that Death the Kid’s titular weapons, Liz and Patty, had a backstory that was touched upon just a bit – they once roamed the streets of Brooklyn as partners in crime and took advantage of the weak and powerless until Death the kid showed them the error of their ways. In this episode we saw the reality that backstory paints – they were complete dickheads. It’s somewhat strange but it seems like they’re totally out of character – should they really be so mean, even as criminals? They must have done a complete 180 turn when Death came into the picture – Patty especially is nothing like the semi-retarded happy-go-lucky girl we know her to be.

Perhaps I’m not the best person to ask, also, but shouldn’t Death already be using them as his weapons? In other words, this should have happened already? I guess my Soul Eater timeline is all off. In any event, Tsugumi is deadset on getting the two girls to accept her as a friend, even to dangerous lengths. It shows that Liz and Patty are mean but aren’t evil – even when they had the chance, they chose to spare Tsugumi and her friends when they lost in a back alley duel. They couldn’t be so bad if they did that, right?

Right, essentially. Tsugumi, through much trial and error, does get them to show a humane side by the episode’s end and befriends the both of them. We’ve seen this stunt and this episode before, but it carries a bit more weight when you know the characters in question beforehand, albeit not at this stage in their life. While not entirely imaginative, it was unduly cute.

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