Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? – 5 – 7

Yes, yes, I realize I’m combining several episodes rather than just two this time – but I must confess that I am sorely behind in my schedule and I need to catch up, big time. This show is so cute to the point that I think you world would be a little sadder if you missed it – so I can’t help but talk briefly about it.

Actually just kidding, let’s just talk about how wonderful Chiya is since she’s the best thing about this show (and there are many, many good things about this show). She’s cute, kind, amiable, patient, and always sees the good in others and the world around her. Plus in that little apron, she multiplies all of these factors several times over. I wish I lived next door to Chiya. She could make me a latte anytime. Maybe I’d even go over if I needed that extra bit of milk for the cookies I’m making. Maybe we’d play Charades on Thursday nights. Maybe we’d get slammed on mondays. Who knows?

Ok, enough about Chiya (for maybe the next three minutes). Who is that mysterious blonde lady that shows up for maybe a brief minute in every episode? When will we finally get to meet her, proper? I’m intensly interested – she seems like a sweet lady.

I loved the whole bit where Rize was passing out fliers that were labeled incorrectly by our absentminded heroine, Cocoa. Usually the lackluster english gets a pass in Japan but here it seems to have been recognized by our young cast fairly quickly. The improper use of “horse” made me choke up a fair bit of my drink. These are the sorts of moments you really remember once a great SOL is over. Anyone else surprised that Rize didn’t notice the horrid grammar? She’s usually pretty sharp!

A great SOL is about great characters, their relationships, and their growth as friends. While Usagi has done such in more subtle ways than most, I have to say it’s done a decent job. Loving it so far and I’ll be sure to pick it up once it’s released stateside.

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