Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 8 – 10

“Is this fucker dead? Haven’t seen his lame ass post anything in about a month!” ~ Everybody, circa 34,000 BC
“Brynhildr – so gokukoku it ain’t even funny” ~ nobody, ever (circa 12,393 BC)

Guess what? I’m not dead! All 30 some of you that follow me on twitter probably know that already as I’ve still been posting – but our Otakon AMV ruined my life for about the past month. I haven’t touched anime, this blog, or any games for about a good month now. It’s done now, so time to get back into the groove of things!

So where were we? Oh right, Brynhildr sans about a fucking month ago. So what’s happened in Brynhildr in my absense? Admittedly, not much! Kazumi essentially raped Ryouta though – that’s worth mentioning! Wanna know what else is worth mentioning? Such a situation would NEVER happen to a person like him in real life – ever. Ok, maybe I should be talking about more plot stuff (And I’m not talking about breasts (or am I? (No, I’m not))).

This week on Brynhildr we got unruly cops who are quite honestly, complete and total jackasses, government cover ups, mysterious mind reading magicians, and pettanko rape which was turned down somehow (Dude what are you doing?!?)

Let’s first talk about how Ryouta attempts to investigate the scene that was shown to him in the device Kuroha possessed. The following scene could only be described as downright terrifying when you think about it – it hits a little too close to home. All you need to do to be apprehended on trumped up charges is be in the wrong spot with no witnesses like Ryouta. The craziness and speed at which it happened were downright goddamn incredible – seriously, were they staking the place out? It’s clear that through some collaboration with the local government and the higher-reaching scientists responsible for the magicians, they want to keep something from being found here (I AM A GENIUS LOLOL).

Beyond bloody obvious observations, it’s nice to see a show treat the idea or thought of adult relationships and sex a little more seriously than most shows – it’s not simply a matter of “Haha, she wants him and she’s naked isn’t that funny” and also skips most (admittedly, not all) of the pitfalls we get in other shows in the same situation. Let me not understate how grateful I am for that. It’s also worth noting that this sort of approach is more in fit with the show’s overall feel and tone – this shit is serious, and so are the relationships amongst our heroes.

Let me take a brief moment to highlight something related to this show as well: the soundtrack, which I’ve only just listened to. It’s really fantastic, blending the somewhat grittiness you’d expect from a psuedo-horror show like this with the adrenaline filled action songs and soothing melodies in the more reflective songs. It’s a joy to listen to on its own and I’m happy I had the chance to watch an awesome show like Brynhildr.

So, how about Nanami huh? The big game in Brnyhildr is always making the most black and white of determinations – will they bite the dust or not? As it turns out (Melissa and I couldn’t agree), Nanami did in fact bite the dust to further sate Brynhildr’s not-so-discreet misery fetish. The dialogue and struggle between Nanami and Kuroha + the others was quite interesting – a bit of a shame that once she finally accepted others she was untimely kill-switched.

This still doesn’t answer our original question, however – what becomes of the fact that we’re unable to reproduce the magic pill that saves the lives of the magicians? The problem has to be dealt with sooner rather than later. If Kogorou was unable to find a solution I’m afraid we’ve hit a brick wall. Thankfully, I have a feeling that the plot won’t be killing our heroines anytime soon – who will it have to torture if it does?

The artists maybe? Depends on how meta you want things to get. Anyways, time to catch up with the remaining episodes!

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