Soul Eater Not! – 5

So, Kim is a witch. Have we ever known a witch in this series that was actually good? I don’t think so. And no, Blair doesn’t count. Did you forget? She’s not actually a witch at all! (Hence the problem in the first episode of the original Soul Eater series)

Jacqueline seems to have a bit of a crush on Miss Kim – interesting but not entirely unexpected in a show like this! However, later she seems to have sorted her feelings as “confused” and “idol worship” – seems to fit her a bit more. I always liked her but I was surprised at how much we got to know her this week. What a fiery personality lies beneath that figure – er, no pun intended!

I found it quite humorous to see the girls drive Jacqueline closer to Kim in various ways even if they all ended up in failure. Likening the vindictive woman to a tanuki doesn’t seem that far off from the mark! She seems to have evaded any chances at growing closer with our favorite “Straight laced chick” in all instances! I wonder if this means we’ll be seeing more of Jacqueline in the future…

Cid is such a big important dude in this show. While I’m still getting used to the idea of seeing him in human form I gotta say he’s looking pretty damn ghetto. It also seems as though he’s in the loop and aware of TRAITOR’s presence, including the types of students they are attacking. Nobody is sure why, though.

Also, it seems that TRAITOR has begun to make their move. Ever notice how many grinch faces the villains in the soul eater universe make? We should have a grinch face tic-tac-toe or crossword puzzle or something. Everytime you see medusa / TRAITOR girl make a grinch face, you can cross off another or something. Seriously what’s up with that?

So what happens now? Hopefully we get a bit more action next week – it seems as though we switch between character building and action / plot episodes. That is not to say it will necessarily keep that formula – but only time will tell.

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