Nobunaga the Fool – 13

For someone who killed her brother, Mitsuhide sure seems to feel strongly about Ichihime. I must admit I was feeling pretty upset for the guy by the end of this episode too.

I don’t think anybody is ever happy seeing two lovers torn apart, even if Mitsuhide is kind of a bastard. In any event, I’d like to talk a bit about Nobunaga and his view on matters and achieving them; Nobu seems to value his dream above all else, and I almost feel its arguable whether he values the lives of his comrades more than that dream. I’m willing to be he’s right on the fence somewhere, although previously I might have been more inclined to say he no doubt values his comrades much more. Given that, and this is a scary thought, would he even begrudge Mitsuhide for killing his brother, given the reason? I’m still thinking he’s going to be pissed off beyond all belief, but the thought did occur to me as I watched this week’s installment.

I doubt we’ve seen Mitsuhide externalize his disdain as much as he did this week. He got mighty fierce with Nobunaga in their duel – not that I blame him. I wouldn’t be happy with Caesar running off with my woman either.

It was funny to see the table of rounds in disarray over Caesar’s actions – most of them aren’t sure what to make of it. Treason, or treachery? Is he deceiving his allies in order to deceive his enemies? They are unsure, but they intend to discern the true reason for his actions in due time.

I still am not a huge fan of Caesar, given his duplicitious style of doing business, but he could prove to be an invaluable ally which is no doubt the same train of thought going through Nobu’s mind. I’m sure we can count on Mitsuhide to keep him in check.

Mitsu shares a warm, upsetting moment with Ichihime before she departs for Ceasar – you’ll never see this guy be so vocal about his feelings. He vows to protect her at all costs – even when Ichihime fears the worst for her health. History already knows how this sordid scene plays out and what happens to the two of them – but will this show deviate? Time will tell.

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