Atelier Escha & Logy – 4

So what’s in a tail, anyway?

Escha’s tail was all the rage this week, it seems. I always had thought it a fourth-wall-breaking-its-not-actually-moving-and-is-only-moving-because-of-artistic-freedom-and-this-is-a-cartoon kinda thing, and forgive me for the insanely long word there. The point is that I never had actually thought it was really moving, as stupid as that may sound to you. It is though! But only through the power of alchemy, which is somehow fitting.

Can you mass market a tail? If you think so, I have a tale for you.


Anyways, continuing on, the small fast-talking market girl sure seems to think so, but Escha is not sure how to make one. Her mother made the tail for her before passing away. All the heroes attempts at making one end up failing unfortunately, but we do have some hilarity and small character building to make up for it along the way, thankfully. Would have been quite the waste otherwise!

The part where the tail began hobbling about town possessing just about goddamn near everyone was hysterical because of how everyone came from offscreen out of NOWHERE comically and got possessed. Like, goddamn everybody in the entire fucking cast was just hanging out around the corner and rounded it just so that they could get their shot in at getting possessed. If that isn’t hilarious, I don’t know what is. I was in stitches at how convenient it was that they just all happened to be there. It was like a stage where every other line was *CUE ACTOR 3 & 4* or something!

Escha seems to know mysteriously little about her mother despite remembering much about what she did with her and how she treated her. There certainly are a lot of mysterious mothers in the Atelier series (Totori’s mother included!) What’s up with her forgetting what she looked like? It’s too hard to predict what it might be – if the tone of this show were more sinister I’d be more inclined to believe that it was brainwashing by the android in their family or something, but the show is too innocent for that sort of thing…or so it appears. We’ll see!

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