Atelier Escha & Logy – 3

Remember how I was complaining that there wasn’t enough action in this show? Well, first of all, I am an idiot – combat is never the focus of Atelier games and this show has made it bloody obvious what kind of pace we can expect and two – It happened in this episode. Our company got to fight a monster. I was thrilled.

So adventure takes us to a cave and we meet two suspicious wannabe “looters” and a strong, somewhat scary lady (This is evident by her posture – no hands in your long coat = badass) who goes by Threi Hazelgrimm. Threi is apparently an archeologist who is examining the ruins. But wait, why are we even in this cavern to begin with? Well, as it turns out, we only provided a band-aid solution to the water pollution problem. To fix this, our heroes venture to the source with our witch friend and her companion and encounter a monster protecting a small dam which appears to be the culprit for the reduced water supply AND the dirty water.

The monster in question also kinda kicked everyone’s ass pretty bad and after being helped by everyone and their mother, Escha did him in with a well placed stick of dynamite. That bastard was pretty resiliant.

So, we’ve permanently solved the water flow problem and now we can return to maybe doing some real R&D? Maybe guys? Just kidding – please, more excuses for exploring and action are fine with me. I don’t even care that you just wear the R&D badge as a fancy title – really I don’t!

Did I ever mention that I love the ending theme for this show? It’s so serene and peaceful – really a wonderful little tune to close out each episode on and fits the theme and feel of the show quite well. I wonder if we’ll find out who that girl is in the ED soon? I certainly hope so. I’m looking forward to the endgame of this show where we finally explore the floating ruins also, please. You can’t tease us with that and not show us what’s up there!

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