Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? – 4

I’m beginning to think I bit off a bit more than I could chew taking on so many shows this season – between getting engaged and other life activities (AMV for Otakon), I’ve hardly had anytime to watch these shows save blog about them or say anything remotely interesting. That said, I will do my very best anyway, for whatever that matters.

Being short is a struggle – being in constant contact with another who is short has shown me the daily struggles they must endure. One of those situations involves a common scenario: Need to reach something high on a shelf? You are out of luck. While we’re on that subject, it’s probably a good idea to never work in a restaurant if you are short – they are NOT made for short people at all. Of course, I am referring to Sharo attempting to reach the, uh, turtle broth on the top shelf in the grocery store only to be saved by Rize who mistakes their activity as a “new training regiment”. Oh dear.

Of the most note this episode was the activity of telling one’s fortune through coffee – I wasn’t aware this was a thing but given the Japanese penchant to tell fortunes, it doesn’t surprise me one bit. Cocoa makes some wildly outrageous fortunes that all come true in some capacity; while it was a bit predictable, it was still hilarious to see in action. I don’t think I’d ever grow tired of such antics.

Sharo is surprisingly smart – or is it really that surprising at all? She seems responsible despite her scatterbrained-ness and we know that in anime land, that means you’re booksmart and have good habits. Also – Cocoa as a lawyer? Hmm, sounds like someone else I know…. I wonder who it could be? She knows who she is.

Loving the lazy pace of this show and enjoying the beautiful scenery. It might be nothing totally special or anything radically unique, but I still enjoy it for what it is rather than what it isn’t – and honestly, I find that’s the best way to watch any show. The point of life is to be happy after all, is it not? Why not take away all the good you can from something? Not saying you should watch bad shows – but even decent shows will likely have something to offer you. This show is more than decent though – it’s a nice breather from a busy week.

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